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Donald Payne-The Miracle of Life

Remembering the Miracle of Life By Donald Payne *Note from the Publishers of Lotus Guide: Donald passed away recently so this is his last article for us. He was our friend first and foremost and undoubtedly the most loving and caring person we’ve ever met…or ever will probably. So yes…Remember the Miracle of Life in… Read more »

Smell the Roses-Donald Payne

Taking Time To Smell the Roses By Donald Payne Hello again, dear reader. Recently, I went for a walk with my wife (we live in Paradise) and as I was walking I marveled at the pine trees and birds, just the noises of nature. What an incredible world and what an amazing existence. We are… Read more »

Do You Know the Purity of Your Vitamins? We do

By Donald Payne-July 2015 Issue Hello again, dear reader. The abundance of summer fruits and vegetables has arrived! How wonderful that all of these delicious fruits and vegetables grow right near where we live, so that we pick them and eat them fresh. It’s much different from living in an urban area covered in concrete… Read more »

The Flowers and the Bees

The flowers, the bees, and all of the vegetables and fruits absolutely depend on this intense heat to mature and ripen so that we can eat. What an amazing process it is that too many people take for grantedâ??food does not come from the stores.