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Healing Together

Jane Miners
Jane Miners

A Community Approach to Wellness By Jane Miners We all go through challenges in our lives at different times. Whether it is health or relationship issues, job changes, housing transitions, death, birth, emotional trauma, addiction, or natural disasters, one thing is clear: We will all experience adversity in our lives one way or another. When… Read more »

Yoga Swing-Interview with Tone & Sharon Cardenas

Lotus Guide: I’ve been using your Yoga Swing now for more than three years and it has really helped me in many ways, but what exactly is it about the Omni Gym or Yoga Swing that’s turning the world upside down? What problems does it solve or what solutions does it provide? Sharon Cardenas: Consisting… Read more »

A Time to Retreat

Sometimes in our busy lives we simply need to make time to get away, slow down, and experience the NOW.