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Romantic Relationships

I’m seeing an attraction vs. pull-away between you two. I think your childhood issues are surfacing now with some discomfort.

Parenting and Family

He is a very strong leader, he loves the ocean, he’s very mechanical and has a scientist’s mind, interested in knowing how things work.

Mental Health

I live alone and my family is so caught up in their stuff that they haven’t a second thought for me, let alone any help. I feel really devoid of help in my home life.

Divorce By Dr. Gayle Kimball

Just because someone is an adult doesn’t mean he or she is emotionally mature. Expecting him to be fair leads to disappointment and more resentment, as you’re dealing with someone who is about 13 right now.

Marriage By Dr. Gayle Kimball

My husband gambled all our savings playing in Pachinko parlors after his retirement from teaching. He drinks and doesn’t listen to me.

Ask Dr. Gayle Kimball

Do you think New Yearâ??s resolutions do any good? A: Itâ??s a good time to do a self-evaluation, or what businesses call benchmarking their progress.