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What Force Do You Wish to Feed?

paula galindo-logo
paula galindo-logo

By Paula Galindo   Humans experience two distinct forces within themselves. One is the animal/instinctive force, and the other is the transcendental force. Both forces participate in our decision making to different degrees. They each exert a powerful influence over the way we do things and how we perceive other people and the world around… Read more »

Take a Walk on the Golden Road

Take a Walk on the Golden Road By Gary Parks The bold statement heading the website declares a lofty goal: “Bridging the past with today for a better tomorrow.” And in Nevada City, California, it’s happening right now. With a mission to “explore the intersection of arts and culture, health, environment, peace and justice, and… Read more »

Cellular Memory Release

By Savannah Hanson, MA, MFT             Every day we are given numerous opportunities to choose love or fear. For the most part, the general media hope you will choose fear. We are inundated with images of violence and chaos, not making it easy for us to trust that all is well and unfolding according to… Read more »