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Magic Needle Therapy

How Magic Needle Therapy Can Relieve Your Pain Today, America is facing an opioid crisis. For every ache and ill feeling, there is a drug to turn the pain into numbness. At the same time, many people are seeking alternative healing remedies that are noninvasive and not addictive.   The Birth of a Natural Healing… Read more »

Private Practice

 By Michael Turk In 1980 I made a leap of faith, quit my job as an electronic engineer, and took a position teaching shiatsu at a San Diego massage school so I could follow my heart’s desire to help people. I rented a room at the school so I could start a private practice. I… Read more »

Pain Proof Your Body

Pain Proof Your Body By Michael Turk It’s time to tell the scary truth: Pain is powerful. Consider its power to control humans. Punishment means pain. This works because humans avoid it. Different people have different levels of pain tolerance. Some people avoid pain and some develop pain-coping skills, but distressing pain cannot be ignored.… Read more »

Feasting and Fasting

By Michael Turk ~ As a young teacher, I taught that eating the right health foods was the best medicine. Now, ironically, as an old teacher, the opposite appeals to me. Eliminating health foods is better medicine. Last year I fasted and feasted weekly and found it to be the most beneficial habit that I… Read more »

An Ancient Healing Recipe

When the young woman walked into my acupuncture office, I knew something was wrong. Her complexion was as pale as impending death, her walk was slow and deliberate, and when she sat down she lowered herself as if sitting on a pile of rocks.