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Your Body As A Manifesting Machine

By Terry Cole-Whittaker Did you know that your mind and body are manifesting your outer reality, which is a reflection of our individual and collective consciousness? You could say that the body is your tuning fork that determines what vibrations are taking form in your personal reality. Everything we see, taste, touch, smell, or hear… Read more »

The Autumn 2018 Forecast-Glenn Kaufmann


By Glenn Kaufmann   Retrogrades rule these next few months. And I must stress that when a planet is in its retrograde cycle, it is as close as it can get to Earth as we both orbit the sun. For this reason (and a few others), when a planet is retrograde it is at its… Read more »

Make a Living at Your Higher Calling

University of Mount Shasta
University of Mount Shasta

How to Make a Living at Your Higher Calling in One Year Joa Janakoayas   What Is One’s Higher Calling? Your higher calling is a more direct expression of your authentic joy. We are all evolving in consciousness throughout our lives, and what we do reflects this. Early in my life I was a gardener.… Read more »

Words Make Worlds

Words Make Worlds By Terry Cole-Whittaker   At the heart of our desires is eternal happiness without the slightest hint of misery. You could say that we are pleasure seekers; however, seeking pleasure from the objects of our five senses produces fleeting moments of pleasure whereas, pleasure of one’s self, a soul, is eternal and… Read more »

Being Your Bliss and Manifesting Your Reality

By Terry Cole-Whittake Greetings, precious souls. I wrote the book Live Your Bliss because I had been in a challenging situation and used what I share in the book to effortlessly manifest what I desired to attain. What I did to make the problem disappear and attain what I desired was to stop thinking about… Read more »