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The US LEADS the World In Chronic Diseases

WHAT? By Dr. Mark Light & Vickie Van Scyoc, R.N. Yep, we are way down to #43! Our information is pulled from the work of Dr. Sherry Rogers.  As NAET practitioners, we can eliminate the allergies/blockages/toxins to the items we are discussing, the virus, minerals, meds, etc.  And we can use neurosensitivity testing to find… Read more »


Are you one of those people who are plagued by allergies? Does the advent of spring send you running indoors? Do you tense up when certain foods are near you?

Amputation Avoided


By Dr. Mark Light and Vickie Van Scyoc, RN We’d like you to meet Daisy. She’s the precious border collie, a therapy dog for her owner Shauna, who has PTSD. Daisy had a large growth between two of her paw pads. Her energy level was low and Shauna was worried. The vet biopsied the growth… Read more »

Quantum Power

Mark Light
Mark Light

 Chico Integrative Health NAET In 2018, Mark Light, MD, and Vickie Van Scyoc, RN, will continue to offer highly effective NAET treatments to the Chico community. NAET is a natural, drugless, painless, noninvasive method used safely on anyone. Time and time again, NAET has been shown to be effective in addressing health issues previously thought… Read more »

Animals Have Allergies Too

By Vickie Van Scyoc, RN, and Mark Light, MD   Animals can develop allergies just as people can and to many of the same substances. These allergies can have a severe impact on their health, well-being, and comfort. Their immune systems respond to an allergen, seeing it as foreign and causing a reaction. Reactivity can… Read more »

Brain Allergies: Problems and Solutions

Brain Allergies: Problems and Solutions By Dr. Mark Light and Vickie Van Scyoc, RN What do autism, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, headaches, or ordinary forgetfulness have in common? It might be allergies! Symptoms of Brain Allergies Include: Depression Anger Irritability Hallucinations Delusions Anxiety Insomnia Learning disability Fatigue Headache Brain fog   “There is hardly any human disease… Read more »

Mind over Medicine

Mind Over Medicine By Mark Light, MD “Promoting health of the body without encouraging health of the mind is an exercise in futility.”—Dr. Lissa Rankin, MD You can heal yourself. When was the last time you heard a doctor say these words? Probably never. Dr. Lissa Rankin is one doctor who is saying those exact… Read more »

My Quest for Relief

After researching NAET I went ahead with this simple, painless, noninvasive treatment and, to my great surprise, found permanent relief from my asthma and allergy symptoms. As I continued to feel better, I decided to enroll in a NAET class.