This page is our way of letting you know what other advertiser’s and readers are saying about the Lotus Guide.We are just starting this page so here are a few of our Testimonials so far. If you are a Reader or an Advertiser (past or present) of the Lotus Guide and have a Testimony please feel free to leave your comments and we will post it on this page. I would also like to thank the communities in Northern California for being so supportive over this past four years.Rahasya & Dhara are the Publisher’s and owner’s of Lotus Guide Magazine.



The Reviews Below Are From YELP


There is simply no other magazine like the LOTUS GUIDE in the Northern part of the Central Valley.   Every issue is packed with tips and articles about how to live a better, fuller life on all kinds of levels, physical, emotional, spiritual and practical too.   You always find interesting, intriguing even stories about totally alternative topics that you certainly wouldn’t find dealt with elsewhere and in this regard, you feel that there’s something here for everyone.   YES, it is totally refreshing to pick up a new copy somewhere in our region and kudos to them BTW for their efficiency at distributing this magazine as far around as they do. Gerard Ungerman, Respectful Revolution

Lotus Guide gives an alternative voice to a community that is not always visible. The articles are great and I love the classified ads to find practitioners in our area and beyond. The North State has much to offer and Lotus guide makes it possible for us to find each other. Pamme Larry, Chico

Finding alternative news is easy with the Lotus Guide. Be healthier, read what spiritually, & environmentally caring people are doing. Discover the latest in science, health and local services. Learn about all the exceptionally creative people from all around the north state. Find events that interest open, like minded people. Lotus Guide is there to help build a supportive, conscious community. Pamela Mosley, Paradise

Lotus Guide is a wonderful resource for the Northern California community for alternative health. Fun, uplifting and an all around feel good read.  Dhara and Rahasya are also fantastic to work with for ads and marketing like minded business’.  It’s a win win 🙂  Thank you Lotus Guide for all the beautiful work you do. Thank you Lotus Guide for all the beautiful work you do. Jody McNicholas

One of the best guides in Northern California for the alternative community. For those seeking information on alternative holistic therapies or what’s happening in the spiritual movements you would be hard pressed to find a better solution than the Lotus Guide. Highly recommended. Ira Greene, Nevada City

Everybody I talk to loves this magazine and the two people who run it. In the 12 years they’ve been around (Since 2004) I have heard nothing but great comments on their exceptional work and the positive influence they have in the community. They also support other organizations that do outreach in the community. It’s no big surprise that they have no competition in the entire north valley area of northern CA…Bill Tucker

Everyone reads Lotus Guide in Chico.  Rahasya and Dhara write excellent and sometimes controversial articles about local and or global issues.  They are not afraid to put it on the table for discussion. I also read the advertisements because you can see what businesses are in town at any given time.  If you have a business and are new to Chico or just live in Chico, Lotus Guide is your best bet for advertising to promote your business. I have known Rahasya and Dhara for 12 years and they are both very friendly and approachable. Two thumbs up for Lotus Guide! Susan E, Corning

One of the things I appreciate about the Lotus guide is that it covers stories that aren’t being covered by traditional news media.  I value reading an alternative perspective that often stems from a compassionate consciousness aimed at informing & helping our community & planet at large.  In addition to the articles, the classified ads offer great services for those who wish to explore holistic, mind/body healing modalities and practitioners  in the North State.  Thank you Dhara and Rahasya for creating and providing such a wonderful resource. Annalisa Cunningham, Chico

The Lotus Guide consistently provides cutting-edge articles that keep readers informed about new discoveries with interviews with leaders in their fields. Everyone I know looks forward to the new issue. All the advertisers are holistic and can be trusted. The graphics are colorful and the covers innovative. I know of no competitors to the Lotus Guide in Northern California. Gayle Kimball, Chico

An excellent magazine….  A wonderful group of creative, talented and brave and caring people.   Discover all kinds of great ways to help yourself with stumbling blocks or health issues. Wonderful book reviews and find local health services!!!! Elizabeth Daniels, Cohasset

Everyone reads Lotus Guide in Chico.  Rahasya and Dhara write excellent and sometimes controversial articles about local and or global issues.  They are not afraid to put it on the table for discussion. I also read the advertisements because you can see what businesses are in town at any given time.  If you have a business and are new to Chico or just live in Chico, Lotus Guide is your best bet for advertising to promote your business. I have known Rahasya and Dhara for 12 years and they are both very friendly and approachable. Two thumbs up for Lotus Guide! Susan E, Corning


“I began advertising in the Lotus Guide in the Summer of 2015 and have benefited from a steady increase in new client leads and exposure to the community. Rahasya and Dhara have been quite helpful in making the process as streamlined and “painless” as possible! I look forward to continued growth for my clinical nutrition and detox consultation practice, and new opportunities to offer my services to Northern Californians and beyond. Together, the Lotus Guide continues to spread it’s message to a wider audience, and I receive the opportunity to help make Chico and it’s surrounding communities healthier and happier!
Adrian Baume, L.Ac, MSTCM
Clinical Detoxification, Nutritional Testing, Acupuncture-Phone Consults and Local Treatment”


Jean Louise Green and I met Dhara and Rahasya about seven years ago as Rahasya had a ten-session series of Structural Integration with Jean Louise. Numerous extensive articles about her work with Structural Integration in the Ida Rolf Method have been published in the Lotus Guide since then. I have been sharing intellectual journeys with Dhara and Rahasya as the Lotus Guide has evolved into a worthy forum of healing modalities and beyond. They published an article of mine on Ancient Aliens as well.
The economic impact of Jean Louise’s ad in the Lotus Guide has been huge.We are both grateful for all of their work as we experience the benefits daily. I have seen both Dhara and Rahasya grow personally and professionally, as they joyfully enrich our community.
Benjamin Hills, Chico, CA-2016


I love the Lotus Guide! I always learn something new from each issue and it is a great resource for connecting to alternative modality practitioners and other services that promote health, healing, and spirituality. The articles are interesting and informative, and quite often introduce me to a topic that I had not explored before. Raychael Hendry-2016


“Our ad in the Lotus Guide produced immediate results, bringing in many new people to our meditation center. For our target market, the Lotus Guide is the premier publication for northern California.”

-Victoria Tooker, Ananda Chico Meditation Center (Dec, 2009)

“The Lotus Guide in Chico, CA., has provided me and other businesses with an opportunity to be respected in the mainstream through their knowledge of Marketing and Design. I love their publication, it has changed the Chico landscape forever.” Bill W.

Thank you Lotus Guide. I look forward to your front cover illustrations and your feature article every month. I love the column by Dr. Gayle Kimball and perusing all of the ads to see who is offering what kind of service. When I need support I go to the Lotus Guide first and see what awaits me when I open it. I always feel better after reading LG and appreciate the direction it provides. I check the ads as much as the articles because I’m interested in knowing who is offering what kinds of services and what are the latest events that interest me. And most ads have beautiful artwork and give a taste of what is offered. Recently I attended your fund raiser and silent auction. I saw two great bands (Chocaloca and Ma Muse) and won a silent auction. I hope you make that an annual event. A few weeks ago I went to Grass Valley and was so happy to see the LG there too. I opened it up and found a telephone number of a practitioner I was in town to see whose number I had lost. Very cool. Thank you.

Erica Charlesworth, Chico Bookkeeper

People often ask me when the next Lotus Guide is coming out. I think all us readers enjoy the continuity provided by the columns and the wonderfully informative new topics in each issue. I appreciate book reviews, leaning about must-reads. New Age magazines I’ve seen in other areas are mostly full of advertisements and promo articles by advertisers. The Lotus Guide has the most research and thought put into articles by the editors. I like having scientific findings included with spirituality. And then of course there’s the calendar of events I’m likely to be interested, in print and on line at Thanks for being a clearinghouse for progressive information. I hope more people advertise to insure the LG maintains its growth.

Gayle Kimball, Ph.D.

We have several new customers who have come in with our Lotus Guide ad. Our Lotus Guide advertisement is working well and we plan on continuing to advertise.

Apothecary Options, Chico, CA

“The old statement that advertising pays is usually true, however, we have found ‘enormous success’ in our advertising with the Lotus Guide. Sales of advertised items increased dramatically andeveryday customers come in and ask for “that product advertised in the Lotus Guide!” Locals supporting locals really is a win win situation and for us, this proves it.”

Donald Payne, S&S Organic Produce, Chico, CA

Rahasya and Dhara, I was trusting spirit when I called to place a last minute ad with you two months ago. You went out of your way to stretch your deadline to accomodate me and you were so kind about it. Best of all, I have had a great response to my ad from some wonderful people. I was touched that you published my “HorsePower” article and so appreciate your encouragement when I first mentioned wanting to write something. Thank you for your service to community and growth.

Mari Rubens

I am very pleased with Lotus Guide -both the online newsletter and the magazine! I have had more than a few wonderful new clients as a result of Lotus Guide. I also appreciate greatly the time and care Rahasya and Dhara and staff took to help me set up my ad,and “clean up” my clip art so that it would look better in the ad. Due to my small budget for advertising I need to be careful about where and how I place my ads, and Lotus Guide has proved to be a wonderful and essential promotion source for my work-thank you!!

Evanne Jordon-2006

“We arrived in town in not knowing anyone and we wanted to build a client base as quickly as possible. Advertising in the Lotus Guide helped us to reach out to a wide audience of like minded people. After just one month our business is blossoming. Of all our advertsing dollars spent, the Lotus Guide has brought us the most return on our investment. Thanks so much for being here and being so ready to help newcomers to the Chico area.”

Ira & Susie Greene, NAET Allergy Elimination Clinic-2007

“Thank-you thank-you thank-you… Dhara, Rahasya, and your team, for the Lotus guide! Of the advertising venues I have tried over this first year of my business, the Lotus Guide is the only one that has brought me results. As a new business, it is hard to decide on where to spend your advertising dollars and as soon as Deanna approached me with the opportunity to use the Lotus Guide, it felt right. I have found that the business that has come from the Guide has paid for cost of advertising and then some. But it is not only the advertising that impresses me, it is the genuine care that you put into it. You help advertisers to create a nurturing and supportive community, you encourage articles from the advertisers on topics of interest and bring people and workshops to our area so that we don’t have to go outside the Chico area to get the training and information we seek. It is a central point where we can go to search for quality services in our own community. There is a lot of work that goes into the Guide and keeping the Website updated with events, and I for one am very appreciative. I consider it an honor to support the Lotus Guide.”

Blessings & Light Jo Mardian Omni-Touch (Proud Lotus Guide supporter)-2009

Dear Lotus Guide (Friends of Community Collaborative for Youth), CCY thanks you for your generous donation by placing an add in your magazine. Our Seussical the Musical & Sunday Dinner was a success, thanks to the support of the community. Our children are our future, with the help of people like you, we will continue to have a positive role in their lives.

With sincere thanks, Kyle Silliman-Smith, Event Coordinator-2006

Dear Rahasya & Dhara, on behalf of Sportshaven Health Club (now Fit ONE), I want to personally thank you for publicizing our “Dollars for Pounds” fund raiser for St. Jude Hospital in your Calendar of Events online and in your magazine. Our totals have just come in as follows: Our Workout Against Cancer campaign-Dollars for Pounds collected $3501.90.