The Cost of Health

The Cost of Health

By Donald Payne

Hello again, dear readers. And thank you for all of the supportive comments regarding the last article. I certainly will continue to present information about natural methods and supplements for self-healing. If it were not for all of the pollution in our air, food, and water, and if good health habits were promoted to us (especially to our children) by the general media, maybe our disease rates and costs would not be soaring. Indeed, we pay more for our health care in this country than does any other country in the world, and yet our disease rates continue to climb. What we eat and what we do with our time in this life must change.

Many families in the United States are suffering from some sort of health tragedy. Truly, however, at this point I’m convinced that the emotional, human suffering will not be enough to change our eating habits or lifestyles. Most people have fallen into the psychological trap of depending on someone or something other than themselves to affect their personal healing processes. No, it will not be the human cost that will change us . It will be the monetary cost! Yes, the money. Why the money? Mostly because our medical model is not created to help the health of the people. It is created by corporations and designed to make a profit so much profit that very soon no one will be able to afford their expensive drugs.

The pharmaceutical corporations are mostly to blame for this incredible rise in the costs of health care, and in time the cost the money will force us to seek another way of health and healing. Meanwhile, in spite of the best efforts of so many of our doctors, the general population’s biological and psychological health continues to decline. Obvious causes are chemically created junk food and soda-pop consumption, while advertising’s insane ideas push us into a dog eat dog, competition type of mentality, further corroding our overall condition. And the only solutions our corporate medical industry offers us are extremely expensive and dangerous drugs. Now, don’t get me wrong. Drugs save lives every day.

This is not an example of the competition mentioned above , good versus bad. (Competition really is a mild form of schizophrenia, by the way, because of course in the quantum view there is no us or them. No dualism, no monism it’s more a combined phenomenon, a dualistic monism. I’ll write more about this in another article). This is simply the truth, that the pharmaceutical drugs are so expensive that our people and our government cannot afford to pay for them. Every day I talk to senior citizens who simply cannot afford their medication. If they buy food they cannot afford their drugs! This has got to change! The present system is medicine for the rich and successful and that, dear reader, is not going to last.

To provide real, humane solutions, the tiny mom-and-pop natural-food store has grown. Because of common sense and demand from the common folk, this country has sprouted a sophisticated organic foods program and an ever-growing dietary supplement science. When I began work at a natural foods store more than 35 years ago, I knew I would never make a lot of money in this line of business. But I knew it was the right thing to do. In all of those years I have learned so much, studied so hard and long, but at night when I go home I sleep very soundly, knowing that the work I do benefits not only individual shoppers but also their families, the community, and society as a whole. How nice! Also, the herb and supplement companies we buy from and work with are some of the people most committed to the quality of health standards in our society.

Two of these companies I personally can recommend wholeheartedly: Nature’s Way Herbs and Nordic Naturals, a producer of fish oil. Why these two? Well, there are many reasons, dozens in fact. Because of the research I do into company history and the development of commitment to quality, I have found that these two companies shine. Three years ago I traveled to Utah to inspect the Nature’s Way Herbs manufacturing facilities, and what an incredible tour I experienced. First, I noted that every batch of raw materials it receives is inspected for identity (to make sure it’s the correct herb), purity, and potency. It makes all of its own capsules and tablets in a state-of-the-art facility designed to drug-manufacturing standards.

Clean! Clean! Clean! Remember, this is the line that carried the name Dr. John Christopher for decades. Dr. Christopher was a master herbalist pioneer who taught herbal medicine and healing at a time when it was thought to be old-fashioned at best and sometimes quackery! He was a great humanitarian as well as herbal master and the Nature’s Way Herb Co. lives up to his standards of excellence in herbal healing.

Then there is Nordic Naturals. This company came along at exactly the right time, at a time when all of us were beginning to be told that we should eat more Omega-3 fish oils, but also that we (especially pregnant women) should not eat more than one to two servings of fish per week! Why? Because of all the lead and mercury. Polychlorinated biphenols (PCBs) and other chemical poisons dumped in the oceans, rivers, and lakes eventually winds up in the flesh of fish. Of course, this is also poisoning the fish and killing them (another reason I said our present way of business as usual will not last). But along came Nordic Naturals, which process es Omega-3 fish oils by molecular distillation to create a pharmaceutical-grade, contaminant-free product.

The company is also very proactive in preserving the waters around Norway for purity and protection against overharvesting the fish supply. I have used high doses of its Omega-3 oils in the past for inflammation and blood circulation and have never belched up a bad taste. I particularly like its EPA Extra or Ultimate Omega. I can use those high-potency products for my aches and pains and not have to take so many pills to get a therapeutic dose. Please try all its different products I have tried many myself, always with good results. Also, here’s a quick note about an exciting new product for cholesterol control from Nature’s Way. It’s called Sytrinol. In one clinical trial (120 people for 24 weeks) Sytrinol lowered total cholesterol by 25 percent, LDL cholesterol by 22 percent, raised HDL cholesterol by 4 percent, and lowered triglycerides by a whopping 29 percent! Other trials have shown very similar results.

If I had high cholesterol that is one product I would be checking out. Come see me for more information and a copy of the clinical trials. Thanks to all for your continued support, and thanks to our own great judgment for bringing us all to such a beautiful area as Chico. Truly we are blessed. Happy Spring! Donald Payne This article should not be considered a substitute for medical advice. Consult your physician before making any health decisions.