The Evolutionary Edge of Consciousness

The Evolutionary Edge

of Consciousness:

The New Spirituality

By Marilyn Nyborg

We are now moving from spirituality to spirited participation.

It is time to bring your internal spirituality to a world in need.

The Dalai Lama has said, “The world will be saved by the Western woman.”

It is a luxury to do anything less. You have done a lot of work to get where you are, haven’t you? For what? Now that you have found yourself, what are you going to do with her? You are already a demonstration, an influence on those around you. What are you demonstrating? How are you using your influence?

From sitting in quiet to moving out quietly from a centered place.

Many of us have spent our spiritual lives in meditation, contemplation, and study. It was an important era. But the times are now demanding more from us. We can take this state of being, our centered self, into the world as a demonstration of possibility. We can speak our truth from the place of a loving heart.

From study to practice.

It is easy to escape into study, to avoid the real-world issues and the ongoing negativity around us. But what are the practical applications you can express from all your learning? Now that you are well educated it’s time to take it to your community, your country, and the world! It is so needed now.

From someday to now, to in this moment.Marilyn Nyborg

Women tend to want to hold back, study more, and plan before we jump. Men tend to jump in and learn by fire. We are often more prepared than we give ourselves credit for. The world cries out now for what you have to offer.

From belief to knowing.

“Believing” and “knowing” are different words that are often used in religious teachings around the world. “Believing’ means that you have accepted something to be true without sufficient proof or reason; you trust in something outside of your own experience. “Knowing” means that you possess knowledge by experience.

From rules to resonance.

When we are rule bound we will hold back, live tentatively, and stay safe.

While it’s important to know the rules, it is equally important to know when you should go beyond the rules. What do you resonate with?

What are you aligned with?

From thinking to heart-centered guidance.

This requires thinking with your heart and using your brain as backup! Using your heart-centered guidance or intuition, the inner voice says, “Yes, that’s it!” Our brains are fun but overused and they tend to recycle or just reorganize what we already believe. Our thinking from only the brain may actually limit our creativity, awe, and wonder.

From process to creation.

So many of us have sat in circle or with our therapists and processed our lives, traumas, and dramas. Continuing to retell and live from our stories embeds the energy of the story into our brains. Letting go of the story to living your role as creator creates a new world. Bypass the old triggers, move through fear and embarrassment, and be willing to speak what you want to create in this moment.

From envisioning to embodying.

Envisioning is when we imagine how something will be in the future. How do you want your life and world to look? Embodying is when you become the vision, when you already “live” from that place. It is internal, not in the future.

This is the new edge of spirit-based consciousness.

We are evolutionary beings. We are not meant to live out one pattern throughout our lives. Comfort is the enemy of change. Are you comfortable? What keeps you on the cutting edge of life? Imagine what lies ahead when you evolve and change—the new people you will draw to you, the new ideas you will resonate with, the vitality you will experience. Aliveness! You will be living and responding from your innate empowerment.

What the world needs now is you!!!

These times call for the awakened you, the purposeful you.

As a woman it is time to bring your feminine instincts out to the world and stand up for all the children, life, and Earth itself. Calling on your inner masculine to stand in your power, you will move into spirited participation, generating a rewarding, exciting, and peaceful state of being.