The Feminine Flow of Wisdom

The Feminine Flow of Wisdom

By Prajna

Women have a natural wisdom and compassion that is often distorted in an effort to follow or imitate masculine forms of spirituality and leadership. Women are formed with delicate yet powerful round edges. Our soft curved edges tell us that we are not linear by design – our power is in our roundedness. Rather than targeting our attention from point A to point B to accomplish point C, we gather information in concentric rings from many different sources at one time. Our feminine nature is receptive to sensation, feeling, intuition and thought from both our inner and outer environments. Our round form provides a spacious well within which to be still, relax, receive and give birth to new possibilities, ideas, and creations.

The capacity to birth a baby is a powerful and delicate opportunity interwoven with intense feelings of challenge, grace, strength, love and beauty. Women by nature directly experience a full range of human emotions, beginning with the mixed excitement and fear of the responsibility of conception, through the passionate sweat and tears of gestation and labor, right up to hearing the first sounds of new life. Just as spiritual awakening can express itself as the sound of a bird singing, or as the full moon shining, the moment new life is given conscious recognition, spiritual transformation begins. Life appears as two – I and the bird; I and the baby – yet the direct experience is undivided, the same, oneness. This profound awakening to the reality of non-separation is the beginning of the embodiment journey. Every newborn child is a gift to all of us, as he or she is in a natural state and not able to cognize the thought of separation. When a parent or caregiver gathers a child up close, the undivided original essence of all beings is touched. No wonder babies cry when left alone; they want us to come close so as not to forget who we are before birth.

Our feminine receptive nature welcomes us to return to this space prior to the conception of thought—space where our listening shifts from the mental noise between our physical ears that struggles to straighten out the chairs on the sinking Titanic to the still, quiet voice that rests deep within our heart bellies. This is an uncensored potent voice without regard for image, control, status or acquisition. It is only interested in telling the truth, in giving birth to new possibilities, in harmonious and compassionate reconciliations. This still voice can be so quiet that it can be missed altogether. When life drama strikes, we reflect, “I had a feeling not to follow that loud, grave voice.” That’s because the masculine face of our egoic nature, driven by fear and obsessed with accumulation, took over. Is it possible to pause and reorient to our true voice?

Yes. By unflinching attention to the natural rhythms and sensations of our bodies, our orientation to who we are shifts toward stillness, wisdom and compassion. We no longer stick or identify with the story in our head. We blossom from this deep well within and embody our true nature. We touch the possibility of receiving every aspect of humanity, including the so-called insecure, needy, ugly and deluded parts. This deep receptivity is not an effort or a doing – it is an aspect of our original essence. It is in receiving life as it is without the need to change that transformation happens. As soon as the newborn instinctively suckles at mama’s breast, milk flows and nourishes the healthy development of the baby. The mother receives her child without thought or effort. Like this, “who we are” is already in love with our humanness. As we root ourselves in this wisdom, we naturally flow toward greater balance, harmony, healing and cooperation. This is very different than adapting to mental noise—buying formula or bandaids as a way of life.

Awakened action flows from receptivity to who we are as already and always whole, complete, good. Enlightened action and feminine receptivity are one and the same flow; we cannot have one without the other. Just as a woman cannot conceive without receiving her male partner, so our men cannot act from wholeness without attunement to their feminine essence. As a parent is unable to deny their love for their newborn, authentic spiritual awakening is incapable of withholding love and respect for all of life. Feminine receptivity contains a love and intelligence greater than all of our conditioned thoughts put together. It is this great universal intelligence that heals all wounds, honors our roundedness, and births us into alignment with our essential wholeness or oneness. Very few report the labor of childbirth as easy. We love it just the same, as it creates a precious new being.

There is a collective impulse on the rise to join together in peaceful resolutions, to yield toward harmony, to be courageous while remaining kind. Our bodies and our hearts contain the wisdom necessary to influence and invite old conditioned masculine parts to relax and know that a moment of feeling is not a weakness. Feeling is an unexplored edge that leads to well-rounded responses, integrity and truth that reside at our core. This wide perspective invites childlike curiosity rather than tools of measurement. Naturally we wonder, “What is true? What is myth? What is nothing but old conditioned patterns? What is no longer needed? What am I here for? What’s the most important thing? What am I really?” These inquiries, deep listening and soft subtleties are explored in the Women’s Embodiment Journey. Stillness is our foundation, feelings are welcome, requests are respected, roundedness is celebrated and fullness is danced.

You are welcome to join those who are courageously stepping into the feminine flow of wisdom, carving out a new life and blossoming fully as awakened women.


“The great therapy, and healing, is the presence of our feminine nature.”


Therapist, Teacher, and Co-Founder of The Flowing River School and this is her ad in the Lotus Guide Magazine



“To know yourself as the being underneath the thinker, the stillness underneath the mental noise, the love and joy underneath the pain….is freedom, salvation, enlightenment.”


Eckhart Tolle

Bestselling Author