The Greatest Secret

By Terry Cole-Whittaker

  This secret, when known and lived, eliminates all suffering and every other problem that humans are either experiencing or afraid they will suffer in the future, mainly death and the loss of all near and dear. I know this is a big promise given how much information has been written, spoken, and broadcast through all forms of media to support the lie that we are these physical bodies, when we are eternal and exist beyond birth and death.

            The fear of death and deeply embedded guilt are used to depower human beings to be the walking dead, devoid of souls, when we are gods possessing all divine qualities, powers, and abilities that need only to be recognized and activated.

            The greatest and best-kept secret is that we are not this temporary physical body that we find ourselves occupying. Each spirit/soul, or us, has an eternal, beautiful, spiritual body that has been covered by layers of ignorance in the form of words, beliefs, laws, and rules to keep us fearful of death, loss, and suffering.

 Terry Cole-Whittaker

“There is no permanent existence for the body and no cessation of existence for the soul.” Bhagavad Gita 2.16


       It’s important that we do our work and live immersed in the now, the only moment there ever is or will be. This is us, the now, free of programs, memories, attachments, and the collective manufactured belief system that is fueling this duality, virtual reality.

            Depowerment and control of humanity begin with the programmed belief that we die and that diseases, disasters, war, violence, crime, and every sort of problem that plagues this world and its inhabitants are inevitable and natural.


“The soul is never born, nor does it ever die. Neither was it born in the past, nor will it be born in the future. It has no creation in the past, present or future, and no destruction in past, present or future, and is therefore eternal. It is most ancient but not subject to ageing. It is not killed when the body is killed.” BG 2.20


       From this deeply embedded lie—that we are this temporary physical body that ages and dies—spawns all manner of struggles, heartache, and constant stress and anxiety that inhibit our natural bliss and divine pleasure of the soul.

       Many people are simply arguing for these self-imposed limitations and calling them truth when they are simply concepts programmed mostly subliminally into their minds and hearts and then accepted as absolute, when only source and we are absolute.

       This deep and total knowing of one’s self as eternal and also fully evolved and fully present in the now opens the door to the treasure house of wisdom and ever-increasing love for and from one’s beloved within. This is self-satisfaction, the fullness of love and soul pleasure we have been seeking and can only be experienced in the now, with ourselves beyond thinking and reacting to the outer duality reality.


“Although reflections, echoes and mirages are only illusory reflections of real things, they produce real experiences. In the same way, although the identification of the conditioned soul with the material body, mind and ego is illusory, this identification generates fear within him even up to the moment of death (loss of the physical).” Srimad Bhagavatam 11.28.5


When a person believes that he or she will die, there is the continual-fear program running in the unconscious that undermines and steals that person’s happiness, love, enthusiasm, and so on if the person believes and agrees that these fear-based thoughts are real. Only we are real and the manifestation is a creation of whatever words and beliefs we have accepted as real and true, when false.


“The atma (self/soul) is inexhaustible beyond all material qualities, pure, self luminous and never covered by anything material. It is like fire. But the nonliving material body, like firewood, is dull and unaware. So in this world, who is it that actually undergoes the experience of material life?” S.B. 11.28.11


            Plaguing most people is the fear of future failure, including the loss of the material body, another person’s body, things, money, accomplishments, stuff, houses, and such that the person has identified as belonging to and being part of them, when simply it is the projection of the illusion, virtual reality. We make things real and true simply by our saying they are.


“The false identity with the body produces bondage and obstacles to the atma (soul/self). Therefore, an intelligent person, by being situated in the Self/God/Source within, gives up fear of samsara (birth and death). S.B. 11.13.29


            This attachment to the virtual reality, duality, as if this is all that exists and all that is possible for us, is a distraction to our being conscious, aware, and actualizing our real and eternal divine, godlike nature and qualities now.


“One should understand that this world is a misconception, a diversion for the mind, visible, but temporary and flickering like a fire brand.” S.B. 11.13.33


            Our challenge is to observe, but not play, the duality game of success/failure with winners and losers for this is the game of war, conflict, struggle, and misery, when we are and always have been the gods who forgot who we are and got lost in playing the game, believing it is real, when it is just a figment of our imaginations manifesting for us to perceive as our consciousness.


“Withdrawing one’s vision from the visible world and giving up material desire, one should remain silent realizing the happiness of atma (self/soul), without performing actions. Even if one observes the world, one will not be bewildered by what was previously perceived by false intelligence and was already rejected. Only the remembrance of samsara remains until death of the body.” S.B. 11.13.33


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Bhagavad Gita quotes from Sarartha-Varsini-Tika; commentary on Srimad Bhagavad Gita translated into English by Bhanu Swami; Srimad Bhagavatam canto XI English translation by Bhanu Swami.