The Harmonious Mind

Donald PayneS&S Produce-Chico

Hello again, dear reader. Recently I found in my old writings a few reflections on achieving a state of “harmonious mind” that I would like to share with you:

The harmonious mind without sorrow or care is innocent and not shadowed by ulterior designs. Clear—and overflowing with purity, it spreads this harmony and order wherever it chooses to focus. The choosing is what actually creates the order.

For the harmonious mind there are no such things as right or wrong. There is only life and its bounty of treasures. Attaining this viewpoint we can begin to see the source and the workings of all energy and phenomena.

A person with harmonious mind appears simple but is efficient and timely, seeming to attend to everything all at once. Therefore the state of harmonious mind is a great conserver of energy, focusing energy rather than scattering or wasting it, and a person with harmonious mind influences others to become greater beings without their even being aware of it. How nice! (May 1990)


More reflections on harmonious mind in June 1990:

The harmonious mind sees the world as a part of itself and thus takes care of it, so as to benefit, not to harm.

The dualistic mind sees the world as separate from itself and therefore neglects it to the point of injury.

Harmonious/dualistic, to benefit/to harm, direct opposites of each other. The laws of the universe are thus and without exception. The laws of the universe simply exist. And this is also the way we should view the laws of the universe—accept them as the natural course of things, rather than as an enemy to be defeated.


So, dear reader, part of my prayers for all of you are that you should take care of yourselves to the point where you are mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy enough to help take care also of all the people and things that your life energy touches. I share my old humble writings and thoughts with you and I encourage you to read and study great spiritual works so they may inspire you to grow more toward the stars of your greater destinies.

May we all call to our own Beloved Presence, beloved Jesus, all ascended beings, and their legions of light for healing not only right now, but this instant also and forever. Amen. I am. Aum.

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Common sense tells us to use a vitamin and mineral supplement to fill in the nutritional gaps in our daily diets. No one eats 100 percent of all the recommended nutrients every day. No matter how smart you think you are, you always miss some nourishment. And then we always love our treats—sugar, ice cold, acid, junk food.

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So also, dear reader, I propose that if you wish to develop a harmonious mind you must also develop a harmonious gut! The brain digests the invisible world—thought. The intestines and liver and so on digest the physical world—our food.

As above—so below. There we can use many helpers to aid in our physical-world digestion, especially herbal product and nutrients from a company called Nature’s Way. To support our intestines I love Nature’s Way Primadophilus “Optima” probiotic. It makes several for women or men or children and all of them have verified CFUs (colony-forming units), which are viable bacteria that will survive the stomach acid and implant our food more completely into the intestines. Also I love to use Nature’s Way Thislyn; Thislyn contains all the family of silymarin compounds—silybin, silydianin, silychristan, and many others—not just one isolated compound, which never is as good as when we use whole herbs and whole-herb extracts. Thislyn is the most comprehensive whole-herb milk thistle extract I have used. If there is a serious need to protect the liver, use Thislyn. Nature’s Way also makes a Thislyn Cleanse product that helps cleanse our blood, liver, kidneys, and lymph system. I have used Thislyn Cleanse herbal formula several times. It’s a 15-day cleanse and I have always done seven days on the cleanse, seven days off, and then finish the last eight days. A great cleanse. And by taking a seven-day break, I feel it gives my body a chance to heal before starting to cleanse again.

Purify! Purify! Purify!

To benefit, not to harm. Have a wonderful summer.


Donald Payne

S&S Produce & Natural Foods