The Healing Energies of Hypnosis

The Healing Energies of Hypnosis:

Releasing the Energies That Hold Us Back

By Fred C. Leidecker

Throughout time and in all cultures, people have been healed of their complaints by shamans, witch doctors, high priests, and medicine men and women. These specialists were usually trained from early childhood in the workings of the spirit. They possessed and demonstrated abilities that were not readily available to the average person. These healers had or learned the ability to work in two worlds – that of the physical and that of the spiritual. Many developed profound understanding of the nature of human distress and were capable of bringing about change at the inner level of mind or spirit. With this understanding, these healers were able to assist the dis-eased person to rediscover the connection to his or her soul and divine nature. This awareness opened the channels between body, mind, and spirit, which would bring about a complete healing. To more fully understand the experience of spiritual healing, one must first come to know the power of mind and how it works. The mind can literally create anything it can conceive. Mind is a process of thinking (thoughts) and when mixed with our chosen emotions will create a lasting (living) energy. We create the lives we are living by choosing our thoughts and feelings. A life of health, wealth, and happiness or one of sickness, poverty, and misery . . . you choose!

As children and young adults we take on certain beliefs about pain, good, bad, life, God, religion, death, and the hereafter. Many begin to think that there must be more to life than the everyday lives we lead: Thus, we begin to question some of our beliefs. We seek out books to read, seminars to attend, anything that will help us gain a greater understanding of those age-old questions: Who am I, What am I, What is my life really about?

Men and women have climbed the highest mountains and searched the deepest seas seeking to discover who or what they are. (An old story tells that God, knowing that man would look everywhere except within himself, hid man’s divinity at the center of his being.) The answer has always been there, the prophets and sages of old knew it . . . they knew that we are the manifestation and image of God/Spirit. At some point in this quest we started to realize that we are not just our bodies. We began to understand that there is an energy that flows through us that allows us to think, feel, and create. It allows our bodies to function. This is the energy of Spirit, the energy that gives us life. It’s when we stifle this flow of Spirit through negative thinking that we create the illness, the poverty, and the unhappiness in our lives.

I have come to know that death is only an illusion – a transition to another level of existence, perhaps not so different from changing the radio from AM to FM. When the physical body ceases to function at the point we call “death,” the spiritual energy or consciousness departs the body and lives on. Some spirits go into the light, some stay earthbound. The thoughts and feelings that the ego of the departed is holding onto at the moment of death determine whether it goes into the light or whether it stays earthbound. So if the person makes the transition with thoughts of love, peace, and joy, the soul will be drawn to the higher realms where spiritual beings of like consciousness dwell. If an ego dies with guilt, anger, sadness, confusion, or rage, the spirit may become earthbound and trapped on this earthly plane of existence. The spirit entity is drawn to the aura of a living human being who is holding like thoughts and feelings. No matter what the needs are that it is desperately trying to fulfill, the attached spirit/entity is frustrated, confused, and unhappy. The spirit entity can find no peace or lasting satisfaction while inhabiting another’s body. The spirit is truly lost and often does not know it is hurting itself and affecting the host’s life in adverse ways.

To illustrate how an attaching spirit can affect a person’s life, let’s take the case of Rene: Rene had been attending our Personal Transformation class for several weeks and experiencing a lot of positive change in her life. Yet one weekend, while attending a seminar on personal growth, she found herself experiencing extreme anger. Returning home that evening, she discovered she was bleeding rectally. She went to the hospital for preliminary testing. The doctors reported to her that she had darkened organs, swollen organs, and infection within and bleeding high up in the colon. Because of all this and an abnormal blood count, the doctors suspected colon cancer and wanted to hospitalize her that evening.

Knowing how our emotions affect our bodies, she decided to come in and have a session with me. In our interview, we discussed several key points. Her father had died just one year previously, and he had had a habit of taking aspirin every day. He had a belief that he needed them to keep himself alive. Shortly after his death, Rene began to buy aspirin and carry them in her purse, taking them just for the joy of taking them. She was oblivious to what she was doing. In the hypnosis session, she went back to her father’s death. He had died in the hospital and she arrived shortly after his death. She ran into the room and flung herself onto her father, crying, “Daddy, don’t leave me! I love you,” over and over again. But her father was dead. Unknown to her at the conscious level, she was angry at her father for leaving her. It was this anger and her grief that drew the residue of her father’s spirit into Rene.

As a result of this one session, the bleeding stopped immediately; when Rene went back to her doctors two weeks later for further testing, her body chemistry was perfectly normal, and to quote Rene, “The doctors were confused.” Rene’s addiction to the aspirin stopped once her father’s spirit was released into the light. The weekend seminar she attended had been the vehicle that triggered this repressed anger and grief. The hypnosis session allowed her to be completely free. It is not always the feelings and thoughts of the deceased that draw the spirit entity into the living host. Many times it is the feelings, thoughts, or even the behaviors of the living that draw the spirit entity into the physical being.

Negative feelings such as anger, sadness, grief, or guilt will attract spirit entities that died experiencing like feelings. Another common reason for attachment is drug, alcohol, or other addictions, either by spirit or host. If the spirit is still seeking gratification for its addiction, the spirit would be attracted to the living person using drugs or alcohol. (Like attracts like.) As a hypnotherapist, I assist the living person in resolving the issues that originally attracted the entity to him or her, and then I help the earthbound spirit come to terms with its death. When the spirit is helped to understand why it has remained earthbound, the issues that have kept it from going into the light are resolved. When the spirit residue is released, usually after a forgiveness process, physical and emotional healing occurs, often immediately.

Fred C. Leidecker, a recognized expert in the field of past-life therapy and spirit depossession techniques, is a popular speaker at conventions and organizations throughout the country. Fred is cofounder and manager of Mystic Valley Retreat, where he leads classes and schedules private appointments. For information or to make appointments, call 530-533-8100;