The Heart of Satsang with David Waldman

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By Margaret Deane


I first came to the Heart of Satsang in a time of great loneliness and desolation after a painful divorce. I was also a very weary spiritual seeker and I was ready for the real thing, ready to be brought home to love. Coming to satsang was like coming into the cave of my heart, a place where finally everything, including my pain, made sense and my battered emotional body and mind could begin to take rest in the truth.

Through the silent sittings, heart-opening talks, and intimate dialogues I began to taste the sweetness and the beauty of a love that I had never known before. My commitment and resolve to be only this love grew ever deeper and under David Waldman’s loving but resolute tutelage I set foot on this road home into the heart of God.

“And love begins with the willingness to just be with yourself, where you are.”—David Waldman

This deeply transformative work calls for a turning toward what we have always recoiled against, an embrace of what has been previously suppressed, because it is these suppressed aspects of ourselves that create the experience of the ego, the separate me. In the grace of our willingness to open to discomfort, to a fire of sorts, the contracted, defended, unloved parts of ourselves make themselves known and are welcomed back into the heart.

To have David as a guide in this process of meeting ourselves is a rare and wonderful gift. What is unique is the opportunity to be up close and personal with a true master. The ego thrives on secrecy, on privacy, on being left alone to its own devices. This can happen all too easily for many spiritual seekers sitting in large auditoriums with more publicly known teachers. Having done this for many, many years I can see that much spiritual knowledge was absorbed but the ego-construct itself barely had a dent in it. Sitting with David Waldman boils down to being in the crucible of a deep and intimate relationship with truth. The grace of the fire is that everything previously hidden becomes seen. It arises and is met with the deep and passionate love of a master who lives for our freedom. This is the heart of David’s service, to be this force of truth in the lives of those really committed to awakening, in a hands-on way, where the personal relationship and smaller group arena is the framework for where the spiritual rubber meets the road.

Gradually, through time, we learn to hold space for even the most difficult emotional storms and the gnarliest of issues. We watch as tenderness becomes an exquisite form of self-inquiry, dismantling the walls and armoring of the ego-construct in the most beautiful way. And we realize, to our deep surprise and overwhelming gratitude, it was never about having the perfect life, personality, body, but that the sweet love that comes forth to hold the “imperfect” one is all that was ever wanted and hungered for. And this love is our very own self.

The gift of this transmission comes through David’s beloved master Ramana Maharshi, one of India’s most revered sages whose teachings, 60 years after his death, continue to speak to growing audiences worldwide. David’s connection with Ramana began with early visions of his master and in time his presence was felt almost continually. The purest form of Ramana’s teachings was the great silence that emanated from his presence and so it is no surprise that in satsang at times the silence is so penetrating it almost shouts. The truth of who you are becomes palpably clear and there is nothing, oh-so-blessedly nothing to mar the taste of this eternal, shining stillness.

From sitting with David for some years now I can gratefully say that the aroma of true freedom is in the air, for myself and for many. If these teachings speak to you, you will only be rewarded in meeting their source. If your heart’s true hunger is to know yourself as Love, consider making your way to the Heart of Satsang for the invitation of a lifetime. Love and freedom are waiting for you and the door is always open.

Margaret Deane is an energy healer and spiritual counselor and writes a blog about the awakening process. She will be moving her practice to Mount Shasta in the fall. Please visit her at David Waldman has recently moved to the Mt. Shasta area with his wife Faith and will be offering satsang in Mt. Shasta beginning the first week in August. For more information about David Waldman, please see his website at