The Natural Approach to Protection from Corona Virus


By Dr. Mark Light

*Including information gathered and presented from Dr. Sherry Rogers work

In the past year we witnessed the unleashing of a virus programmed to create divergent levels of an infection, targeting specific human populations, yet, at the same time, can rapidly mutate at such a rate that it can evade consistent detection by lab tests as well as any control by vaccines and medications.

This virus can also hibernate in its human host until it is dissatisfied with its environment and then can emerge as a lung cancer that can kill in 6-10 days. The US will be and has been hit harder than most other countries, mainly due to the acronym of the 7 M’s (to be explained).

Dr. Rogers has identified 8 stages of COVID19 progression:

  1. The virus lands on your nasal, respiratory, or intestinal cells.
  2. It must attach to your cell membranes.
  3. It must find gates to allow it to enter into the cells.
  4. Once inside, it needs to replicate.
  5. It can create mild to severe symptoms, create antibodies, or skip this stage with no symptoms.
  6. Eventually, it hibernates in the gut.
  7. It either stays in the gut or migrates into the lymphatics and the matrix (between cells), where it stays if it’s happy.
  8. It can migrate to the lungs creating lung destruction.

Wow, what can we do? 

#1, We can avoid the 7 M’s, which are:

  1. Medications ( ex, statins, NSAIDS)
  2. Mercury (ex. amalgam fillings, foods)
  3. Monsanto
  4. Mangled Fats (ex. bad fats, omega 3’s, chips)
  5. Mycotoxins (ex. Candida, molds, fungus)
  6. Manufactured Xenobiotics (ex. teflon, plastics)
  7. Managed Care (Protocol Care)

#2, We can use HCQ (Hydroxychloroquine by prescription), daily cod liver oil by Carlson’s, the 8 forms of Vit. E, and phosphatidylserine.

#3, Crucial to closing the cell wall gates (ACE2 gates) is Vit.D3, 10,000 units per day. Sunshine for Vit. D3 biochemistry.

#4, For the replication phase, take chelated zinc and magnesium as both are commonly deficient, especially when checked via the intracellular method (as opposed to blood).

#5, Since there are only 2 causes of all disease, which are nutrient levels go down and toxicity goes up, it is wise during this phase to assay (labs) red blood cell intracellular magnesium, zinc, and serum 1,25 hydroxy vitamin D3. Also, reduce toxin levels via use of Detoxamin (an oral chelator) and use of Far Infrared sauna.

In our office, we use:

  • Tox EX
  • Meta EX
  • Lympha EX
  • Viro EX

And we offer chelated zinc, Vit.C, D3, Cod Liver Oil, Min-Comp, and phosphatidylserine.

#6, Whether or not, a virus stays latent in the intestinal villi, depends on how happy you make it there. Grapeseed extract and probiotics like lactobacillus fermentes heal the gut making it less likely the virus will move.

#7, The lymphatic circulation which contributes to the matrix between cells acts as the communication system of the whole body. The matrix is very important and nutrients crucial to its health include organic sulphur crystals and is bolstered with sunshine and molybdenum (a mineral).

#8, The lytic phase, where the virus explodes out of the gut and into the lungs, necessitates nutrients such as the tocotrienols as one example of crucial nutrients needed to reverse end stage cancers.

We also advise using Fulvic-Cava which enters the cells on a micro level to bring in nutrients while then taking out the ‘trash’, and Immunis which heals and boosts the immune system. As NAET practitioners, we treat any resistance the body has to absorbing any nutrients which blocks healing and health.

As viruses are killed by heat, we highly recommend using a facial vaporizer to steam the sinuses and lungs twice a day.

We treat viruses and most feel relief in 24 hours. Some also need bacterial treatments, because wearing the masks a lot causes your lungs to hold in bacteria, viruses, and carbon dioxide, which lowers your immune system.

There’s no need to suffer!

We can help.