The Power to Heal Is in Our Hands

By Dr. Barbara Brennan

The amount of money spent on research by pharmaceutical companies, government institutions, and health foundations is awesome. Globally, it probably runs into billions of dollars.

Certainly, there is a need for new ways to combat not only the diseases that continue to plague the human race but also the “smart” viruses that have learned to mutate to survive and spread.

Yet the area with possibly the greatest potential-one that could change the whole face of medical science-is largely being ignored. That is what healers call the human energy field (HEF), more popularly known as the aura or subtle body.

I admit I’m biased. Teaching others how to heal through the HEF has been my passion for the past 25 years. So to me, it all looks quite simple. The HEF is made up of several levels or frequencies, each one containing masses of information.

The great attribute of the energy field, from a health-care perspective, is that it is possible to detect diseases long before they manifest in the physical body. Potential diseases show up as distortions in the field and are sometimes noticeable many years in advance.

With this knowledge, the healer and the client can work on appropriate measures to heal the distortion and avert the problem. One difficulty is, of course, that the information in the HEF is readable only by people who have a developed high sense perception. Another is that, with some notable exceptions, the medical world thinks we’re a bunch of fruitcakes.

Regardless of how many healers exist with this capability, there will never be enough to have a major impact on traditional health care. Nor will the large body of anecdotal evidence of the effectiveness of energy healing influence authorities who cannot see or feel what we claim, particularly when many doubt or reject the whole idea of an unseen energy system through and around the physical body.

That is why I am calling for research into the development of instrumentation that can read the HEF. I think it is not just possible, but inevitable. Before I became a healer, I was a physicist at NASA, where I worked with detectors that measured light radiating and reflecting in the different wavelengths from the earth. The human energy field may contain similar wavelength bands, especially in the ultraviolet spectrum, and I have no doubt that with commitment and sufficient funding, it is only a matter of time before this is proven.

It doesn’t take much imagination to foresee the impact it would have on the treatment of cancer, heart disease, and many of the other major health issues of today if every health center or doctor’s surgery was equipped with this kind of machinery.

For instance, you could measure if each organ of the body remained within its normal healthy frequency range. If not, it could be rebalanced and charged. For once it started moving out of that range, it would begin to affect other organs. I’ve seen this in relation to heart diseases and diabetes.

Current research into energy is limited and not necessarily heading in the right direction. Experiments are seeking to create an effect, such as using energy to wake up a nest of anaesthetized mice or to change microbes in a test tube. However informative these may be, it could be better aimed at proving the knowledge we already have of the human energy field.

It’s important to know that healing through the HEF is not just about preventive care. It can make substantial differences to people who are already suffering from disease or injury. In fact, the most visibly dramatic successes are often to do with sports injuries. A badly sprained ankle that might otherwise put you on crutches for a couple of weeks can be healed in 20 minutes, provided it’s dealt with quickly enough.

The healer goes into the first level of the field and repairs the little rivers of light that have been broken around the ankle. This simple restructuring of these energy lines reestablishes the flow of energy and nutrients to the cells and takes the swelling and bruising away. It is quite unbelievable to see it happen almost instantaneously.

Working on other levels, you can help to heal deep emotional issues and change the fear-based belief systems that stem from childhood wounding. But it is the ability to prevent disease that remains the most exciting possibility. Just imagine a world virtually free of illness.

The human energy field is a deep and fascinating place, familiar to many of us but unknown to most, and waiting patiently to be discovered and explored.