The Science of Resonance and Healing

Since I have known Bill, he has never ceased to amaze me with his knowledge of vibrational healing. I know from personal experience that I am becoming more sensitive to healing techniques using energy frequencies. But when I had a session with Bill I realized right away that this is something our readers would want to know about and experience.

Rahasya Poe, Lotus Guide

By Bill Gochenour

Energy work is my greatest love and includes many techniques that raise the vibration of mind and body, which aids in healing and lifting of spirits. I particularly enjoy incorporating sound into the healing equation. This includes using chanting, tuning forks, Indian drums, and music during a session.

Recently, I bought a unique healing system called Vibro Acoustic Therapy that produces amazing transformational results in everyone who experiences it.

Combining deep rolling vibration with sound and specifically designed music, this system literally massages every cell in your body with healing vibration, gently coaxing every muscle in your body into a deep restful state.

How does it work?

Every organ, bone, and virtually every “cell” in the human body vibrates at its own resonant frequency. Together, they make up a composite frequency not unlike that of a symphony orchestra. When an organ in the body is out of tune, it can affect the health of the entire body.

Since the body always seeks the most efficient vibration, it takes far less energy to vibrate at the correct frequency than at the incorrect one. After the use of sound therapy, people report a feeling of total relaxation and improvement of overall function, balance, and a feeling of lightness.

Vibro Acoustic Therapy combines the physical vibrations of relaxing music with the vibrations of pulsed low-frequency sine tones. Frequencies surround and envelop you as you relax in a zero gravity position on a Smart Lounge. The lounge is equipped with six specially designed high-power, low-frequency transducers to help you to “feel” the sound as it radiates throughout the lounge and your entire body.

In each session, all cells in the body have been vibrated by the sound waves, and the body has received a deep cellular “internal massage.” In that way, organs deep in the body, which we cannot reach by traditional methods—nerves, glands, heart, lungs, deep-lying blood vessels, and myofascial and brain tissue are stimulated and massaged through sound vibrations.

When two frequencies are brought together, the lower-end vibrations always rise to meet the higher. This is the principle of resonance. So, when a piano is tuned, the tuner uses a tuning fork.

All physical matter is composed of vibration. Quantum physics tells us that everything is vibration—rocks, cells, crystals, tables, body parts, and so on. Even thoughts are energetic vibrations. That is how traumas, beliefs, and emotions can be embedded in our cells. When the cells reproduce, the energy of those thoughts becomes part of the new cell.

Researchers at major universities and in the U.S. government have explored the many responses to sound and found that profound changes occur on the physical and emotional levels. Sound enters our auric fields, our ears, our brains, and then every part of our bodies. Given that our mind/body/emotions/spirit are interconnected, there is great likelihood that all parts of us are affected when listening to sounds.

“Wow!!!” is the most common comment after a treatment of Vibro Acoustic Therapy! “It is kind of a ride!”

Vibro Acoustic Therapy treats arthritis, Crohn’s disease, chronic fatigue, digestion, dystonia, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, addictions, ADD, ADHD, and sciatica.

Bill Gochenour, owner of MindBody Connection,,runs a small healing center in Chico and incorporate many modalities of healing from professional therapeutic massage to transformational coaching. For your personal experience with this sound system, please call him at 530-343-5102.