The US LEADS the World In Chronic Diseases


By Dr. Mark Light & Vickie Van Scyoc, R.N.

Yep, we are way down to #43!

Our information is pulled from the work of Dr. Sherry Rogers.  As NAET practitioners, we can eliminate the allergies/blockages/toxins to the items we are discussing, the virus, minerals, meds, etc.  And we can use neurosensitivity testing to find out if you are low in a nutrient and offer you a high quality medicinal.

There are two causes of disease:
nutrient levels go down and toxicity levels go up

However, in all the guidelines of US medical specialties there is no mention of finding the cause and cure by assaying the nutrients and toxins.  Instead every disease becomes the deficiency of a drug, device, or surgery.   As medical practitioners, we know that sometimes we do need that drug or surgery, but why not look for the cause first?

Let’s look at the latest Corona virus.  Social isolation, handwashing, and masks are all that is recommended. YET there is so much more you could be doing. The authorities are clueless about the real causes and cures of disease.  YOU need to know how to protect yourself, and YOU can’t repair deficiencies, leaky gut, and toxicities that you don’t know are there.

Remember those pictures of the spikes you saw projecting off the virus?  The coronavirus actually inserts these spikes into very specific receptors on our human cell membranes, via the ACE2 receptor sites, to inject its viral RNA into us.  In normal healthy cells, there is very little of this ACE2 doorway for viruses. In cell membranes with abnormal chemistry, these receptors increase proportionately.  Think medications, disease labels, diet, deficiencies, toxins, and you are Corona bait.

Touching on our Western diet: when laboratories around the world want to create animals with chronic diseases for experiments, they use our FDA approved American diet and common medicines to create these diseased animals. Did you get that??? The average American diet and medicines are known to cause diseases.

When scientists need 500 rats with cataracts for surgery, they give them Tylenol.  To create diabetes, they use statins. For Diabetes, fatty liver, or cancer, they give them phthalates (plastics) from plastic water bottles.  Folks low in nutrients are extremely vulnerable.  The US diet has actually changed the chemistry of the human body!

We should each know our own biochemical deficiencies.  For example, consider people with A-fib (heart condition Atrial-fibulation). One person is cured with magnesium, another with zinc, another with selenium, another with Phosphatidylcholine Powder, or membrane repair, gut repair or detox, or getting rid of heavy metals, etc.  For details, start with the book The High Blood Pressure Hoax, then read Is Your Cardiologist Killing You?  Detoxify or Die, for detoxing is crucial too.

It is unfortunate that medicine wants to treat A-fib first with a variety of medications followed by jumping in to destroy the heart’s nerve connections with a procedure called an ablation (which means to actually give you a heart attack).  There are nutrients that heal the heart like vitamin E with tocotrienols.

Most folks have cell membranes that are starving for the right fatty acids and choked with the wrong ones. You must repair the cell membrane to close the virus gates. Dr Rogers suggests Carlson’s Cod Liver Oil in a glass bottle.

Scores of studies document the virus fighting capacity of chelated zinc.  Being low in zinc can produce any symptom/disease, including the coronavirus.

Stay away from statins.  You cannot poison the very center of your cell membranes, which is cholesterol, without serious consequences, one of which is increasing your ACE2 receptors – remember those? ACE2 is a doorway for viruses.

As another example, 1 in 3 Americans over 50 years old has high blood pressure.  Some will be cured by repairing a magnesium deficiency; for others it’s arginine (we love Kardi-Ar by Inno-Vita as it is high in arginine with other ingredients for the heart), or omega-3 fatty acids, or repair leaky gut, or deal with an infected root canal in the controlling acupuncture meridian, or reduce levels of unsuspected lead toxicity, etc.  Again, we offer the highest quality medicinals that produce results: like Meta-ex, Tox-ex, Bacto-ex, Viro-ex, along with NAET that helps eliminate metals and toxins.

The role of vitamin D3 in Corona defense is huge as D3 closes the ACE gateways. It is strongly neuroprotective throughout the entire system. Vitamin D is responsible for governing the inflammatory cytokines (we offer Cyto-Sym to help), the proteins that come out of the cell membrane to fight off viruses, invading bacteria, and cancer. You need 10,000 units daily. An unrepaired gut not only inhibits the absorption of vitamin D, but the leakiness allows bacteria to damage the lungs as well as increase the ACE2 receptors.

Furthermore, the virus enzymes disintegrate the lung membranes.  The lungs can no longer move oxygen. A ventilator is useless as the O2 won’t get into the cells.

We have found that heat easily kills any virus including COVID. A facial vaporizer is nice to have around or use a pan of boiling water and towel to breath in steam. Adding the tincture of bacto-ex, viro-ex and peroxide kills it faster.  And, of course, NAET, we have the COVID vial.

If you go the allopathic route, doctors are having 100% successful recovery with HCQ, zinc, and Z-Pac.

Are you waiting for a vaccine?  An inactivated SARS-CoV vaccine was analyzed in 2004 after that outbreak. It turns out it created auto-antibodies that attack human proteins on all cell membranes. In other words, the SARS-Corona vaccine created a new auto-immune disease in humans!

Are you convinced yet that there is more to being healthy than just giving up to whatever drug is prescribed to you? (And wind up like so many people who are taking 30 drugs a day and still feel awful?)

mark lightAre you ready to investigate what you can do for yourself to have a strong immune system, free of side-effects?

Wouldn’t you rather be taking nutrients that heal instead of drugs that kill you slowly and make your life miserable (not to mention cost a fortune).

Love yourself! Love your life! Love feeling good!

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