The Year of Clear Vision

Water Protector

Michael DiMartino

By Michael DiMartino

We live in an age where all the current systems we took for granted and depended on seem to be crumbling. From health to the economy to get Vir McCoy’s words, “everything seems to be taking a turn for the worse.” But this breakdown is actually a breakthrough if we start to focus on being more self -sustainable, resilient, and less dependent upon an old patriarchal, broken governmental system. We are also seeing a lot of the illusions and manipulations of the elite surfacing and coming into public awareness, followed by prosecutions and litigations, not to mention the systemic racism and classicism that have reared their heads to greater public awareness. Through all this chaos and turmoil, I have seen the importance and the practicality of the foundational work we have been doing over the years. This breakthrough has come about due to issues discussed and alternatives offered to the status quo ways of doings things, through the work of the Golden Road TV and radio show, The Source Directory, the Water Protector Tour 2020-2021, and the Alliance for Resilient Communities. All, which are now essential to the connectivity of many progressive and current issues.

We are activating it in real time now through our weekly community round tables, where more than 40 individuals and organizations are talking about solutions for the issues we all face in our local community.

It is at this weekly Monday night Resilience Round Table where group attendees typically share their skill set, resources, and current projects. It’s been a great way to get traction on easy and quick collaborations with concise action items.

The second project in effect, is about a county Resilience Hub, which is a space that currently hosts nightly meetings around various topics. These topics range from conscious preparedness, to food and water security, peace and justice, and community support.

Next, we are in the process of building out a 20-acre self-sustainable farm, a permaculture school and retreat just outside of Nevada City. This project will host a small community of people who will be committed to running the various tasks and functions of the cottage industries based off the property. Whispering Pines features permaculture gardens, natural building structures, food gardens, pollinator gardens, and a fruit orchard. We will hold several workshops this fall on permaculture design certification and mycological remediation.

We will also be following through on our commitment to the Water Protector Tour 2020 by live streaming our Earthstock event on Sunday, August 16th, featuring world music, arts, health, environmental speakers, and health-related presenters.

We hope to synergize our efforts with you soon to continue exploring the interconnectedness of how we can make our watershed a region more sustainable, regenerative, and enlightened.


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There’s an old saying that” “Do all you can with what you have in the time you have in the place you are.”

– Mikado Johnson