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But it all comes down to: “What do you fear?” In the current pandemic, are you concerned about a loss of income during the quarantine, or an inability to pay for needed healthcare at a medical center, or perhaps, for most, the ultimate fear is the vision of dying from coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

My intention is to CALM the fears generated by the media continuously repeating that the “sky is falling.” So … here is my March Update on COVID-19.

Firstly, “What is a virus?” A virus is neither a living or metabolizing organism, they are simply membrane-bound protein capsules containing genetic programs. As described in The Biology of Belief, a cell is the equivalent of a programmable computer chip, with the cell nucleus representing a hard drive containing gene programs. A virus is the equivalent of a computer flash drive (memory stick) downloaded with gene programs. When receptors on the viral membrane complement receptors on a target cell, the virus plugs into the cell and downloads its memory, the programs that hijack control of the infected cell.

I have divided this update into 4 individual topics, followed by an assessment of the data and a list of Bruce’s “suggested” Best Practices. The topics are: A) The Coronavirus, B) Coronavirus Mortality, C) Hospital-Medical Relief, and D) Financial/Medical consequences during work layoffs.

  1. A) The Coronavirus

The coronavirus historically causes a flu. The symptoms of a flu can range anywhere between generating an uncomfortable feeling to causing death. Flues come around every year in the cold season because the variety of respiratory viruses replicate faster in temperatures lower than body temperature (98.6oF or 37oC).

Viruses thrive in the respiratory track in winter due to the breathing-in of colder air. Flu season is annual and generally the differences among the viruses each new season represent mutations (variations) of previous flu viruses. Human immune systems have dealt with variations of common flu viruses over centuries. The cross-reactivity of antigen sites (the parts of the virus that induces an immune response) on older and newer versions of the flu have pre-primed the human immune systems to suppress the aggressiveness of newer flu mutations.

And this is why the COVID-19 is problematic: This novel version of coronavirus-19 has antigenic characters that have not been previously experienced by human immune systems. Consequently, without any previous infections, almost all humans are susceptible to experience COVID-19. The biological novelty of this virus makes it quite infectious, and for some, a serious illness.

The powers-to-be have seen fit to distance the novel COVID-19 as something other than a flu. The fact is, by definition, COVID-19 is a respiratory flu virus and as mentioned earlier, flues express a range of symptoms from unpleasantness to death. The mortality rate of conventional flues range between 0.1% to 1% of the infected patients across the globe. The range of deaths is predicated on the nature of the flu virus and the health conditions of the public in each country. Recent years have seen some very virulent flues: MERS (mortality 3.5%), H1N1 (500,000 dead in 2009), SARS (mortality 10%).

  1. B) Coronavirus Mortality

Annual flues in the United States are responsible for about 0.1% of flu-infected patients dying. The novelty of the current coronavirus-19, recently introduced to the human population, has so far, as of March 20th according to the CDC website: led to the deaths of 201 of the recently reported 15,219 COVID-19 cases in the U.S., a mortality rate of 1.4%. Globally, the coronavirus 2019 percent mortality has ranged from about 4% to less than 1%.

CDC UPDATE as of April 13th: Total Cases: 554,849, Total Deaths: 21,942. (Deaths include both confirmed and presumptive cases of COVID-19)

The COVID-19 mortality data is biased and massively stress-producing! The percent of victims dying from the COVID-19 flu is based upon the total number of patients dying divided by the total number of cases that have been tested by a doctor or a medical center. The problem with the math is that symptoms of tens of thousands of COVID-19 patients either did not warrant going to a doctor, or were unreported because they could not afford to go the doctor. The significance is until ALL the COVID-19 patients were counted and divided into the number of deaths, my belief is that the “death rate” would actually be less than 1%.

As reported in my previous coronavirus assessment, and now supported by data from China, the majority of COVID-19 deaths have occurred among adults aged ?60 years and among persons with serious underlying health conditions. The data is simple, COVID-19 deaths are primarily associated with the elderly and infirmed. If you are not part of that population, the vast majority of COVID-19 infected people will most likely not have serious symptoms. If you are a part of that population, there are ways to support your immune systems, see below. Most importantly, even those few that do end up with serious respiratory distress can be safely managed by medical teams.

  1. C) Hospital-Medical Relief

I believe this is one of the main problems attributed to coronavirus disease 2019. As described above, the immunological novelty of this coronavirus means that almost all of the population is susceptible to this infection. The rate of disease spread is greater than any other flu, perhaps since the devastating flu epidemic that killed about 50 million people around the globe in 1918. The current problem with the medical system is 2-fold:

  1. Annual flues send a very much smaller population to seek medical attention. As a consequence, doctors and clinics can handle the low flow rate of patients and necessary supplies. But the infectious rate and, for many, the severity of COVID-19 symptoms, have sent droves of people to seek medical attention at the same time. The overwhelm experienced by medical staff and shortages of supplies is profoundly interfering with patients getting readily available relief for their symptoms.
  2. The government is significantly responsible for the failure of our medical system to manage infected patients. Between dismissing the country’s governmental committee dealing with epidemics and reducing the budgets of the NIH and other health-related agencies, the medical community has been undermined and left profoundly short-handed by the current administration.
  3. To deal with this major COVID-19 threat, it is vitally important to reduce the load on the healthcare system. This is the intention implied in “flatten the curve,” which simply means reduce the rate of infections through practices such as those suggested below.

Financial/Medical Consequences of Quarantine

At the current time the public is experiencing a rising cost of living while collecting stagnant wages. The consequence of the current work layoffs is economically staggering for those not receiving a paycheck. Simply, issues associated with threats to survival represent one of the most influential sources of stress. The economic stress combined that with the fact that a large portion of the population cannot afford healthcare is enough stress to inhibit the immune system and significantly exacerbate the spreading disease.

As described in The Biology of Belief, stress hormones shut down the immune system when the body is in an adrenal-driven state of fight or flight. Stress hormones are so effective at inhibiting the immune system, surgeons therapeutically provide patients awaiting organ transplants with stress hormones so that their immune systems will not immediately reject the foreign tissue.

It is a scientific fact that positive and negative thinking have a profound effect on the function of the immune system. One of the leading fronts in immunologic research is the field of Psychoneuroimmunology. Broken down into its root words: immunology is the body’s system that protects against internal infections. Neuro-immunology is the study of how the brain controls the immune system. Psycho-neuroimmunology is the science of how consciousness shapes the brain’s control of the immune system.

Psychoneuroimmunology research clearly reveals that consciousness controls the function of the immune system. Positive consciousness is responsible for the Placebo Effect, wherein the mind can heal almost any disease, while stress and negative thinking create the Nocebo Effect, which can cause almost any disease. The fear of COVID-19 coupled with the resulting threats to survival profoundly inhibits the population’s immune system and further exacerbates the epidemic.


Many people who fall ill with the new COVID-19 disease will most likely experience mild, flu-like symptoms, fever, coughing and a sore throat, with over 80% of infected people having a mild to moderate illness that lasts about two weeks. The remaining 20% will have more severe symptoms that may need medical attention, but these symptoms can be relieved with proper treatment.

The media’s emphasis on the COVID-19 death statistics is a mathematical bias whose stressful forecast is itself responsible for weakening the public’s immune systems and aggravating the spread of disease. The biggest problem facing the public in this epidemic is not the rate of mortality, it is the overwhelming stress on doctors, nurses and the medical system which is not prepared to deal with a massive epidemic.

Is the COVID-19 epidemic to go on and on? The answer is clearly NO! As is evidenced by the almost complete cessation of new COVID-19 cases in China and South Korea, the epidemic will come to an end.

Bruce’s Suggested Best Practices:

To stay healthy there a few practices that will empower your immune system and lessen any COVID-19 symptoms.

  1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle: Eat nutritious natural, organic food; take vitamins and supplements, especially large doses of Vitamin C; wash more frequently than normal, back away from the computer and move about (something I have to learn to do as well!).
  2. Recognize that the vast majority of healthy people, below 65 years of age, are likely to have only mild COVID-19 symptoms. Those whose health is already compromised, and those who are elderly and receiving care are the most susceptible to severe illness. These individuals should take ALL proscribed cautions offered by the CDC.
  3. Make every effort to de-stress! Sports, play, Nature walks, meditation exercises, be in Love, read a book, watch a movie. Basically, RELAX, for this will significantly enhance the function of your immune system and reduce the severity of any COVID-19 symptom.
  4. You can help in “flattening the curve” to prevent overwhelming the medical system by taking care of yourself and supporting those in need in your community. Following the present governmental guidelines to stay home and physically distance from others will also help to not overwhelm the medical system. These are health-enhancing practices that will empower your immune system while helping others overcome their fears and infection.

As with my previous message on the COVID-19 epidemic, there will be those that will thank me for these calming insights and there will be others who will chastise me for not taking this epidemic more seriously. For the latter group, I do take your perspective very seriously. If you consciously feel that I have underestimated the severity of coronavirus 2019, I want to honor your concern and suggest that, by ALL MEANS, engage in every protection practice suggested by the CDC and any other sources whose advice you ascribe to. Through the nocebo effect alone, fearful thoughts will inhibit the immune system and open you to infection.

However, a calm state of mind and healthy lifestyle are the best prescription in weathering this seasonal storm!

Side Bar: Some recipients of my former coronavirus report claimed that my efforts to calm people down over the virus scare was a pro-Trump tactic. Let me assure you, I am a scientist and in no way could I support an anti-science, anti-environmentalist politician such as Donald Trump … it would be against everything I stand for and hold true. I apologize to those in my community who are Trump supporters and hope that you will understand how my convictions to support Mother Earth force me to seek alternative political solutions to deal with the planet’s 6th Mass Extinction Event.

With Love and Light,
Bruce ~

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