Times of Paradigm Shift

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Jack Allis

What You Are Called Upon to Do in Times of Paradigm Shift

By Jack Allis


The following is excerpted from the introduction to Jack’s latest novel, Blue Sun, Red Sun. He will be talking about this and much more at his ceremonial presentation, with prayer, music, and chanting, on February 9 at ‘Ohana Health in Paradise and February 16 at Silk Road Chai Shop in Mount Shasta—see Calendar of Events.You can read another article by Jack Allis HERE

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Jack AllisWhat is it humanity’s called upon to do? Well, that depends upon whether humanity wants to participate in this process of transformation or not. For those who don’t, they are entitled to their choices, but they are making the decision to go down with a sinking ship. For those who do want to connect with the transformative energies of these times, the answer here again is very simple. There is only one way to do this, and that is with the power of our spirituality. Spirituality is defined here as living in such a way that you are connected with the world of the spirit. And the emphasis here is on living, where spirituality becomes our lifestyle. It is what we do. Spirit can be found outside this material world in higher dimensions, and it can also be found in the world of nature, which includes the world of our physical bodies. It is our duty as multi-dimensional spiritual beings to live in harmony with spirit and to live in harmony with nature. If we are to create a new world, this must be its foundation. There is no other way. We must learn how to live sustainably again. That is the most spiritual thing we can do.

But that’s not all. There is another essential part to this. In order for us to make these changes it’s necessary for us to change the nature of our relationship with the old paradigm civilized world. As I’ve alluded to a few times, this relationship is nothing more than a clever pact with the devil, which we are tricked into giving our consent to at a very young age, before we know any better, and before we have any awareness of what we are dealing with. We barter away our freedom and our spirit in return for being taken care of from cradle to grave by government institutions. We consent to being paid off. This is not the path of the spirit. It is actually detrimental to that. A cornerstone of our spirituality is our declaration that we are free children of the universe. That is where our allegiance lies, not some human institution that is not of our making.

The old paradigm civilized world is a conspiracy. And in moral terms it is evil. I know those are strong words, but if you look up the definitions, you’ll see that they fit. The foundation of the old paradigm is deceit and manipulation that’s been going on since the beginning of our recorded history, and far longer when you begin to uncover the real history of planet Earth. This has gone on entirely behind the scenes, and in the modern world with the help of its primary propaganda arm, the mainstream electronic media. The purpose is to deceive the people of the world into believing they are free, when in fact they are slaves. This is carried out by a tiny group of people or beings at the top of the pyramid of power, who operate behind this curtain of secrecy. It is reasonable to assume that this elite is also connected with extraterrestrials, quite possibly through interbreeding, which has also been going on since the beginning.

There is only one way to change our relationship with this old paradigm world. This is to detach ourselves from it. We must pull out of this world and begin to strive to take back responsibility for own lives again, both individually and collectively. We must revoke the pact we made, and reassume the sovereignty of our lives. I realize this is very difficult for most, and this is a point where so many get stuck. Yet even for those who believe they are hopelessly stuck in the old paradigm, there are steps you can take to begin to prepare.

Jack AllisProbably the most important step is to become aware of how the world really works. Even if the truth is ugly and dark, as it is here, truth is never a bad thing, and it is so true that the truth can set us free. It is an essential first step. Once we are awake, we can always start to do the little things to begin reassuming responsibility. We can change our diets and begin to eat natural food, rather than the highly toxic, genetically engineered food the old paradigm foists upon us. We can start to go to alternative and natural healers, instead of the medical doctors who are in the pockets of the pharmaceutical cartel. We can pull our kids out of public school and school them at home, which is our god-given right. There are so many little things we can do to prepare. And if you make a commitment to this, the old paradigm will become increasingly repugnant, and when that day comes to make that leap into the unknown, it won’t be so hard.

Winter Solstice 2012 has come and gone, and the old paradigm continues to slog along, doing its death march. But that doesn’t mean that nothing happened or that nothing’s going to happen. Nothing has changed. On 12/21/12 the world of the 5th Sun was born. We are still in the midst of these transformative energies, this shift from one world to another. The spiritual opportunity continues to be great, to connect with these energies, to transform ourselves, and thus to play our part in transforming the world.