To Believe or Not To Believe on Coast to Coast

By Rahasya Poe

For those who may have missed my recent interview on Coast to Coast AM with George Knapp, you can visit the Coast to Coast website to hear it. Being on a show that I have listened to for so many years was quite an experience to say the least. Needless to say, I was a little apprehensive about talking to 4.5 million listeners about religion and politics, but to my great surprise, and to George’s, the topic was embraced with a lot of interest from callers. Along with the overwhelming response for book and CD sales, I have received hundreds of emails from listeners across the spectrum. This includes many preachers, three priests, and two rabbis so far, all of whom said that it’s time to reevaluate many of our divisive beliefs. The common denominator of most of the messages was the need to once again separate religion from politics. It was encouraging to realize that so many people are looking for ways to unify and defuse our extreme religious and political viewpoints; in fact, this is the only way we will ever create a durable and sustainable global civilization.

It was also interesting to receive an email from a book agent in Turkey (which has a 99 percent Muslim population) representing Hay House and many other publishers. He said they have a large population of Islamic moderates who are looking for ways to defuse the anger among extremists, and listening to my interview he realized the neurological research in my book is straightforward and may be a fresh way to approach the subject. The fact that my interview on Coast to Coast was heard in other countries also made me realize how important radio shows such as Coast to Coast are to a growing global community. Since most of the world’s problems end up rooted in communication or lack of, the need for all of us to open our minds and listen to other points of view is becoming imperative. We do have some news outlets here in the United States that offer a fairly straightforward account of news affairs. Amy Goodman of PBS is out there looking out for us, as are LINK TV and Mosaic News. And when it doesn’t get bought off, 60 Minutes occasionally gives us something to ponder. But I must tell you that our news for the most part is not “fair and balanced.”

For those of you who may not know who George Knapp is, he is the reporter in Las Vegas who broke the story with Bob Lazar that opened Pandora’s Box regarding Area 51. Now, Area 51 is accepted among the mainstream media but at the time it was just another one of those conspiracy stories. I can relate to people such as George who have the courage of conviction to go against the grain even if it risks their credibility. I went through the same thing when I decided to include in my book the evidence of extraterrestrial intervention in our bloodline and in our ancient civilizations. As that evidence mounts up almost daily, it’s also becoming mainstream through programs such as Ancient Aliens on the History Channel. I remember reminding George during the interview of the quote, “All great truths are blasphemies when first spoken.” We need to remember this when we hear something that doesn’t fit the accepted norm of the day. This would have saved a lot of suffering and death in our history and particularly of people such as Copernicus, Kepler, Pythagoras, Plato, Galileo, Newton, Darwin, and many others. However, it’s not too late.

I for one am still an optimist, not about society as it is, but about the power of the human spirit to evolve to a level of consciousness to co-create a totally different and amazing world. We take things for granted, such as our financial system for instance. We seem always to be attempting to “fix” it by repairing and bailing it out on the backs of our great-great-grandchildren. But many people, even the “experts,” are starting to realize that the only way our financial system can survive would be on a planet with infinite resources because it’s consumer based, and this obviously is not the case. Many of us are starting to see that countries with traditional borders are no longer working; in fact they only create hostility and divide us. Religions have become nothing more than polarized traditions, although I am starting to see some change—even though it’s out of necessity, it’s still change. Buried deep within the myths of our great world religions are sacred and eternal truths that have been buried under mountains of literal translations, and it’s up to all of us to bring religions into the 21st century by aligning them with the known science of today. We need to get corporations out of our governments; indeed, corporations as we know them should be abolished and never be given the rights of a human being, as there are no moral feelings involved in the “bottom line.” The most aggressive CEOs have somehow ended up in government positions and oversight committees. We have at least 13 ex-Monsanto CEOs involved in agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration and agricultural oversight committees making decisions regarding our food supply, which is completely insane. Anyone who does at least a little reading knows that I could go on and on about situations such as this, which left unquestioned will collapse our world in a way that no intelligent person would want.

Many of you may be asking right now, “So what are we to do?” As Einstein once pointed out so clearly, “We will never come up with solutions from the same level of consciousness that created the problems.” This simply means that we need to do the inner work necessary to develop a higher spiritual consciousness, and to do this we need to transform our fear of survival/dying so we can live life fully, and even dangerously, if that’s what it takes to create a society that will be sustainable. To do this we absolutely need to look at our history through new eyes to see more clearly who we are, where we came from, and more important, what we can become as individuals and a human race. Even though my meditation time has been moderate at best, the time I have spent simply sitting quietly watching my thoughts has been instrumental in envisioning a new worldview and having the courage to take action, even if it’s to write an article about topics as controversial as the topics in this article. We all need to use whatever position we have in this world to reach out and touch others, and even though the edge of reason can have a sharp and sometimes jagged edge, if we are compassionate and speak our truth with love and from our hearts I am convinced we will all wake up someday in a world with no possessions, no governments, and religion will be a transformative adventure into spiritual dimensions, and we will be living life in peace. … Imagine that.

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I would like to give a special thanks to Coast to Coast because it was such an honor to be invited on the show and especially to George Knapp for his enduring courage to reach out and embrace topics that most reporters run away from. The website is, where you can find a station in your area and download many archived interviews, mine included.