Touching the Intangible

By Lezah Young

Laura filed for divorce three years before she called me for an intuitive session. She’s anxious, she wants to see into the future, she wants to know why her separated husband is becoming increasingly more difficult to communicate with rationally. Laura especially wants to know two things: When will her house sell and when will her divorce be final?

Laura has three girls all at various stages of puberty. Their father is sometimes physically brutal with them and verbally mean to their mother. Laura is encumbered with his emotional and energetic ownership of her and fearful of him.

She wants it all to go away and can’t understand why it’s happening. She believes she’s a good person and thus questions why her life has unfolded this way.

Sarah is an heiress and hasn’t been able to sell her $2.85 million home for three years now. She doesn’t understand why it isn’t selling. Sarah is married and has four children. She feels afraid her children may be kidnapped for ransom and is often anxious about this possibility.

Similarities exist between these clients—both live extremely hectic lives that require them to constantly give to others. This renders little time for reflection, self-discovery, or time to make clearer decisions with less negative impact on their lives. Both rush from one demand to another thinking that Band-Aid remedies will suffice. They feel guilty because they know deep down that their efforts are an ineffective circling of snowballing issues.

I’m looking at what I call Laura’s “auric map,” or her energy field. The map where she stores thoughts, beliefs, emotions, family members from generations before, and living relatives are all brilliantly alive here. These seeming intangibles illuminate and become discernable, distinct, clearly evident, as I peer within her field, the field that is Laura.

I see she hasn’t sold her house for practical and emotional reasons. Laura has a habit of not committing to actions that will sell the house. The number one action she procrastinates around is her divorce.

I tell Laura her house will sell when her divorce is final. The part of Laura that wants to run away must be corralled and “big” Laura needs to muster up the conviction to finalize her divorce.

I see a flood of fears swelling within her. Questions such as: “Can I support these children?” “What if I can’t find work?” “Will he be fair financially?” We Inner Growthaddress each fear and during a course of months Laura builds her self-esteem. At one point she calls Child Protective Services on him for physically shaking her daughter into a state of terror.

This step helps her feel stronger. I see that his energetic ownership begins to diminish. She realizes that he cannot control her if she doesn’t let him. She feels a taste of freedom for the first time ever.

Sarah’s energy field shows that her fear of her children being kidnapped actually belongs to her mother. I see that Sarah has filled up her metaphorical plate with work, houses, therapy, driving the kids here and there, and countless other distractions, but her actual plate is devoid of real food.

Sarah and her husband have an unhealthy affair, an affair with food, empty caloric food, and it’s destabilizing their lives. Their affair has been professionally diagnosed as an eating disorder. Sarah asks me to help her clear the issues that are keeping her house from selling. I tell Sarah that the eating disorder is the glue that keeps all the issues on her plate and keeps the house from selling.

Sarah has lots of fears too—fear being a symptom of the body in a state of famine. Emotions are energies that live in our bodies and when our bodies are starved they become afraid of death. Sarah piled her metaphoric plate full as a means of not feeling her fears … as she follows her treatment plan set forth by her doctor her fears will take on a more rational shape.

Then Sarah can unload the piles of “compulsions to collect” and start feeling and being human. This will take commitment and focus—when the body is well nourished it can focus. Sarah and I continue to sort through her energy field. Inevitably the house will sell as a healthy Sarah says good-bye to it and no longer needs it as a distraction.

After some months of Laura’s taking direct action toward finalizing her divorce, in December it’s complete. They are officially divorced. In January Laura puts the house back on the market and it sells in April. Laura is now moving into her new home with her girls. She is strong, resilient, and a better mother.

Lisa Patterson is a life intuitive. Her book, Inner Growth, is coming soon. To learn more about her work visit, email or call her at 530-413-9416.