Treat the Cause or the Symptom

Doc Pruett

By Dr. Pruett

My calling is to inform and help people take control of their own health and bring their body back into balance so they can heal.

The Main Barriers Are

1: Lifestyle Choices and Diet

2: Medically Induced Exposure

3: Environmental Toxins

4: Nutritional Deficiencies or Excesses

Environmental toxins like mercury and lead cause heavy damage on the brain and body. Mercury is the second most toxic thing you can put in your body after plutonium; it affects the heart, brain, kidneys, and pancreas, and it suppresses the immune system up to 50 percent. Lead affects the hypothalamic pituitary axis signaling which affects hormones, the brain, all the organs as well as the immune system, and diminishes red blood cells.
Environmental toxins like herbicides (Round-Up), pesticides, insecticides along with endotoxins from viruses’ disintegration, bacteria, and parasites give our bodies a challenge.
To help determine your toxic load I use noninvasive, pain free techniques and light spectrometry equipment which measures heavy metals, 21 minerals and 7 vitamins in order to establish a baseline. This allows us to give you guidelines on how to bring the body into balance (We Get Same-Day Test Results).

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