Two Biggest Taboos

Things That People Don’t Want to Hear

That Hold the Key to Understanding Our World

By Jack Allis  


In my books and DVDs, I attempt to tell the total truth about our world, including the dark and sinister aspects that quickly emerge. If we are going to change our crazy world, we must first understand it. Invariably, these are things most people don’t want to hear. This is called a taboo. A taboo is something you are forbidden to talk or even think about because it would threaten the entire fabric of the status quo.

Jack Allis

My work revolves around three basic themes. Two of the themes are taboos and the other was taboo until about 50 years ago. The first and most important theme is the power of our indigenous spirituality to change ourselves and our world. This is no longer a taboo. Back in the 19th century, when the Native Americans were conquered, it was. The Native Americans were forbidden to practice their native spirituality because the white man understood the danger it posed. The second theme is the conspiracy to trick humanity into becoming slaves. And the third is the role that extraterrestrials play in our world both past and present. These are the two biggest taboos.

The theme of our indigenous spirituality is the only one of the three that provides a solution. Indigenous spirituality is defined as the spirituality that is practiced by the indigenous people of Planet Earth from traditions spanning the globe. They all carry the same message. It is a message that is derived from the same source, which is the relationship they have with nature and with Mother Earth. This too is where we find the one solution to the problems in the world. The solution consists of returning to a way of life that is sustainable and in harmony with nature and the laws of nature.

The other two themes, the conspiracy and ETs, are taboos, though the numbers of people who are opening their minds to them is growing  spectacularly. SummerianThis is particularly true for ETs, as variations of this story are beginning to show up even in the mainstream media and conferences on this topic are overflowing.

Let’s start at the beginning with the ETs. Aside from the escalating numbers of people who have had sightings or encounters, the true history of Planet Earth makes no sense without including the role played by extraterrestrials. A multitude of structures, shrines, and artifacts span the globe, for which there is no other possible explanation. Ancient civilizations existed on Earth that were not of human origin. And virtually every ancient religious text, all of which are very cryptic, including the Bible, the Vedas, Greek mythology, and the Mayan Popol Vuh, depict celestial events, beings who come from the sky and a vast array of gods and goddesses who overlook the affairs of humanity.

I believe the theory of Zecharia Sitchin tells the story well. He was the translator of the inscriptions on the ancient tablets that were discovered in Sumer, which was a part of ancient Babylon. The tablets dated back 6,000 years, and they told a story that completely overturned the commonly accepted view of the world. Subsequently, of course, this became a taboo and Sitchin a madman. The tablets told of a race of beings who came to Earth from another world about 200,000 years ago for the purpose of colonization and to mine gold. These beings also claim to have created a slave race by combining their DNA with that of the native humans, either by inbreeding or in the laboratory, creating a race of genetic hybrids, part ET, part human.


As far as the conspiracy, let’s define this. A conspiracy is a secret agenda to deceive and manipulate others. This is precisely what we have in our world today, the purpose of which is control and exploitation. This is orchestrated in a way that is very complex and mysterious and summing it up in a few words is a challenge but let’s give it a shot.

When we follow the trail of the money, we learn that the world is owned and controlled by a small group of elite people, or beings, who operate entirely behind the scenes. As we get close to the top of the pyramid of power, we find the international banking families, such as the Rothschilds, who create the money that enslaves us, and the Rockefellers and the oil monopoly that enslaves us, and the royal families around the world, whose international financial holdings are astounding, and a few others like this. Beyond that, it gets fuzzy. We know that all the important decisions in the world are made at the meetings of secret societies, such as the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderberg Group, which are attended by the world’s wealthiest people. These meetings are by invitation only and they are secret. It is a mystery who does the inviting. And there are probably other meetings that are even more secret than this.

The agenda is the same as it’s been for 6,000 years, farther back if you follow the thread. Like the monarchs earlier in our history, the beings at the top of the pyramid see themselves as divinely ordained to rule the people of Planet Earth. The seeing eye on the U.S. dollar depicts this. They do this by creating a vast matrix of illusion, in which people are tricked into believing they are free when in fact they are slaves. In modern times, a primary tool to accomplish this is the mainstream media, which the elite own and control. People are tricked into giving up their freedom and their spirit in return for the promise of financial security and being taken care of cradle to grave by their masters.

And yes, the question begs to be asked whether the ETs or the hybrids from 200,000 years ago are the same as the shadowy figures at the top of the pyramid of power today. I believe that the possibility needs to be seriously considered. Either way, the agenda is the same. And all of this begins to provide answers to the most perplexing question of all. Why is humanity botching it so badly on Planet Earth? The answer: We’re not. Humanity and Planet Earth are a mess because they have been tampered with by outside forces. The natural development of the Earth and her people has been interfered with by beings who have no interest in sustainability or living in harmony with nature, but whose sole objective is exploitation and control.

All of which brings us back to the central point, which is the primary source of our power to do something about this—our higher consciousness and our spirituality. It is essential at this time that we, the human race, wake up to how we are pawns in this insidious game. Once we are awake, we must stop playing the game. We must reclaim our place as free children of the universe and reassume complete responsibility for our lives, which means remembering how to live sustainably and in harmony with nature. When enough of us detach, the old paradigm system will not be able to hold up, and we will be free to reassume control of ourselves and Mother Earth.


Jack AllisJack Allis is an author and spiritual teacher. His latest novel, Blue Sun, Red Sun, is a metaphysical thriller, based on a story from Hopi prophecy, about a small sustainable community that survives colossal challenges to see the dawning of the new world. Jack also practices what he preaches, living a life that mirrors his books. In December 2012 he moved to the mountains north of Mount Shasta, where he lives off the grid, in harmony with nature. In his previous books and DVDs, Jack dealt with how to take spiritual action in these transformative times. To learn more, go to