Unity Consciousness Communication A Practical Approach to Conscious Evolution

By Loren Swift


Consciousness itself, whatever that is, has been evolving since the beginning and I do mean the beginning. There has been this underlying pattern in which consciousness has been manifesting through more complex forms until it found expression in human form. Now we find ourselves active participants in that evolution so what was once the evolution of consciousness has now become conscious evolution. This is why it’s so important to learn the new rules of communication because, as you may have noticed, the old rules simply don’t work. We thought you would like this information.

Rahasya & Dhara, Lotus Guide

As the Hopi prophecy reminds us, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” For many reasons, all of which are heard and seen in the news daily, it is now very apparent that it is up to us, you and me, to live the changes we want to experience in the world and in our lives. It is time to put aside the lofty ideals and intellectual discussions about what should be done to improve the world and to take on the mantle of personal responsibility to live those changes ourselves moment by moment—one heart, one family, one village, one country, one world at a time.

This takes full commitment to one’s deepest yearnings and core values, full access to conscious choice making, and equally important, a clear path that makes this possible and practical—in other words, “doable.” I have one such tool at hand to share in the hopes that you, too, will become inspired with renewed enthusiasm to “be the change you want to see in the world,” whatever that vision is for you.

I call it Unity Consciousness Communication. Fundamentally, it is a straightforward, practical approach that connects our heads with our hearts. In doing so, habitual thinking based in the long-standing paradigm of domination and separation, with its inherent and deeply ingrained moralistic assumptions, is transformed into life-serving, life-affirming choices. The old, moralistic, judgmental thinking rests in the assumption that there is an external power judging us to be right or wrong, good or bad, and deserving of reward or punishment. In other words, it is thinking that there is something or someone outside myself who knows what’s best for me and has the power to make me conform to that. It also implies that if I am right, someone else is wrong, if I am bad, someone else is good, and so on. This supports a dual reality that serves only one of us at a time: me or you, but not both of us simultaneously. And it inevitably ends in a win-lose struggle for power and domination, that is, conflict and at worst, war.

Recognizing that real change is necessary on a very fundamental level, I am ready for a reality that includes all of us with equal care, consideration, and respect all of the time. When we connect with our deeper, more natural human motivating factors—our core values—or universal human needs, we are empowered to make conscious choices that are life affirming and life serving in each moment.

Who would you be without the story that there is an external power judging what is right/wrong, good/bad, deserving of reward/punishment? Or the story that one of us must compromise, give in, or lose in a discussion, disagreement, or conflict? These learned assumptions are transformed gracefully and naturally when our deeper values and true human natures are elevated, lived fully and shared with others in a pool of mutual understanding and connection. It is a matter of remembering what these deeper values are and reacquainting ourselves with the personal power available to all of us all of the time to choose our own stories based on our own truths. This self-remembering gives us access to another aspect of our human nature: one that is compassionate at the core and whose actions are consistently founded in life-affirming choices. There is passion for life in making such choices and the courage (meaning “with heart”) to live with authenticity and veracity. Simply put, this is what is now required of us to midwife the next phase of life on earth into existence. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

The Unity Consciousness Communication approach is based in the understanding that human nature is divine in essence, that human beings experience satisfaction, meaning, and joy when contributing to the well-being of others, and that our natural state is one of deep connection, care, and respect beyond apparent differences. Although this is a quantum leap from our current set of social assumptions, it is unquestionably a more desirable and, I think, a more accurate and complete version of who we really are. Ultimately, this shift rests in one’s willingness to live deeply self-connected and aligned, or in integrity, with the values that matter most to one. Some core values that come to my mind are acceptance, respect, care, consideration, integrity, authenticity, inclusion, and choice. Others may come up for you. I believe that most of us would prefer to include others’ well-being in our choices (actions) if we just knew how to do so. And I believe most of us would greatly prefer peaceful conflict resolution than either aggression/domination or submission/oppression to solve differences.

What allows this shift in focus to occur is giving priority above all else to peaceful resolution in every dialogue, disagreement, and/or conflict—in every moment, even internally. This level of commitment is called for to actually live in a state of kindness and compassion, as the Dalai Lama invites us to do. Practically speaking, what exactly does that mean? This highly acclaimed state is simply a matter of stretching into the willingness and ability to care fully and equally for ourselves and others at the same time. As simple as that sounds, it is the great challenge of our time. To achieve internal and external peace, and for the survival of our species, nothing less is required.

As Joseph Campbell said in his last interview with Bill Moyers, “We need a new, global mythology, one that includes everyone.” The skill I am speaking to is in effect the creation of a new mythology, a global story, one that, rather than pitting us one against the other, includes every single person with equal care and consideration and serves all of life. It is the story of power-with relations and the transformation of power-over relating. It is a huge internal stretch into a fuller, deeper, more complete version of being human.

Stretching in this way makes evolution a conscious endeavor, and it can be learned.

Unity Consciousness Communication is a deeply inward practice of self-connection and self-remembering as well as a very practical way of living, relating, and communicating in alignment with our deepest, most heartfelt motivations and values. The process engages our deeper longings and essential human qualities, such as:


  • Living with full aliveness and fully engaged with self and others;
  • Connecting with our generosity and the desire to contribute to others;
  • Including self and others with equal care and consideration;
  • Recognizing life in the fullness of its beauty and diversity with respect, reciprocal maintenance, and celebration;
  • Full empowerment and clarity for conscious choice making based on life-serving/life-affirming values and actions;
  • Bringing conscious intention to our highest aspirations for ourselves and our world.


Here is a brief summary of how it works:

There is a universally accessible common ground for all human beings based in our deep, natural motivations and essential qualities. Once literate in the specific language that represents this common ground, referred to as Universal Human Needs in Nonviolent Communication and which I call our Universal Motivating Factors, we have the opportunity to recognize, verbalize, and experience the fundamental underlying connection between ourselves and others—simultaneously. This quality of connection is so profound in itself, it offers us further access to essential human qualities such as empathy, inclusion, and generosity of spirit. Once established, the empathic connection opens the way to navigating conflict and disagreements peacefully while stimulating our creativity to find mutually satisfying agreements and solutions.

It becomes apparent that the power of peace lies in how we choose to think, to communicate, and to approach our lives and our interactions. At this critical juncture on earth we have the right, the opportunity, and the responsibility to choose conscious evolution, a significant aspect of which is to consciously embody and live our highest and dearest values and truths—in other words, to live and express our true human inheritance.

I see it as our challenge to live beyond learned duality and to integrate our divinity—our highest and dearest aspirations—into moment-to-moment choices. Ultimately, we can illuminate our divine human attributes via inclusion of self and other with full care, consideration, and respect as well as live with clarity, empowerment, and integrity. In short, the application of your awareness to yourself empowers you to set clear intentions and to make conscious choices founded in your essential human qualities, or Universal Motivating Factors, which inform your every action. This practical application of your deeper values to your daily choices is “being the change you want to see in the world.” This is conscious evolution.

Unity Consciousness Communication is a streamlined inner transformational practice that can improve the quality of any relationship and functions as a simple, direct tool for conflict resolution. It also offers a way to facilitate groups and meetings with clarity, compassion, and expediency.

This approach is strongly founded in Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication model (cnvc.org), for which I am deeply grateful, and in clear recognition that who we really are is extraordinarily powerful, compassionate, creative, intelligent, and wise. It is up to us to remember and to live our true inheritance.

To experience the empowerment, clarity, compassion, and to learn the specific approach and skills of Unity Consciousness Communication, please go to peacefulpinescenter.com and inquire into the calendar of events. Look for workshops and classes with Loren Swift, MS, Center for Nonviolent Communication certified trainer, or send email to the address below.


Loren Swift