Upgrading for Optimal Health

Upgrading for Optimal Health

 By Jim Redtail Collins


While modern medicine has largely ignored the wisdom of ancestral knowledge, a confluence of ancient wisdom and modern science is giving birth to a new understanding that places conscious choice and new adaptations of old technologies at the forefront of wellness. In my opinion, this new (old) understanding rivals all of the scientific advances of the last few centuries and is poised to alter the future of medicine.

The ancient wisdom has long held that patterns of wellness and illness are encoded within the biofield, the energetic body that permeates, surrounds, and supports the physical body. The shamans of Peru call it the poq’po: the luminous body.

The biofield is the template of health and biological expression, interfacing with organs, glands, neural pathways, and genetics through certain energy centers (“chakras”) and pathways. It can be described as the “software” that informs the “hardware” (DNA), which carries the genetic code.

Ancient tradition insists that permanent healing of any physical or emotional condition requires an upgrade in the quality of the biofield, a clearing of distortions known as imprints—the energetic residue of trauma—which lead to dysfunctional patterns and the propensity for chronic illness.

Centuries ago, shamans of the Bon Po and the ancestors of the Inka discovered methods for “hacking” into the biofield, enabling them to remove the imprints of trauma and disease, to select for dormant genetic self-healing and longevity capabilities, and to improve the functioning of higher brain centers. They found that when the quality of the biofield and the functioning of the brain are upgraded through a combination of nutritional support, simple meditation practices, and the removal of the imprints of trauma and disease, the body begins to repair itself naturally.

Some of this ancient knowledge is now being corroborated by the emerging science of epigenetics (control of the genes from outside the cell), where it has been demonstrated that consciousness plays a primary role in genetic expression, and that environment and lifestyle determine a person’s tendency to express disease. According to epigenetic pioneer Dr. Bruce Lipton, you are in control of your own genes and can alter them by means of thought, meditation, diet, stress management, and behavioral choices.


Stress and Choices

It is estimated that well over 75 percent of physician office visits are stress related. We also know that the lion’s share of chronic pain is also related to emotional stress.

From nearly four decades of experience as a psychologist and student of the shamanic tradition, I have come to regard “post-traumatic stress” (unhealed trauma) as far more common than is generally believed. Combined with toxic overload and dietary deficiency, it is, in my view, the mother of chronic illness.

Through healthy lifestyle choices—quality nutrition, regular exercise, limiting toxic exposure, and a positive mental attitude—you can encourage your genes to express positive, disease-fighting behaviors. It has been repeatedly demonstrated that upgrading your life and health through epigenesis can happen in a relatively short period as old neural pathways are abandoned and new ones are generated, like an electrician building new circuits for your house by tearing out underused wiring.


The Shaman’s Diet

Inspired by the parallels between discoveries in epigenetics and ancient shamanic wisdom, psychologist Dr. Alberto Villoldo and neurologist Dr. David Perlmutter have developed nutritional protocols using nutrients demonstrated as effective support for healing and epigenesis. It turns out that these protocols are strikingly similar to special plant diets used to enhance perception and cognitive abilities in shamanic initiates, which Dr. Villoldo calls “the shaman’s diet.” Dr. Perlmutter has demonstrated that these same nutrients have impressive potential for preventing and treating a wide range of inflammatory illnesses, including dementia.

Rich in essential fats, antioxidents, and anti-inflammatory foods, along with the elimination of toxins, these nutritional guidelines also appear to expand the activity of the prefrontal cortex, the more advanced brain center responsible for higher-order cognition, creativity, and spiritual insight.

These protocols are presumed to upgrade the brain and “switch on” genetic potential for self-healing and longevity by reducing chronic inflammation (epidemic in our culture), repairing cell mitochondria (impaired to varying degrees in most people because of inflammation from malnutrition and toxic overload), repairing the microbiome (the “gut brain,” compromised for the same reason), and stimulating neurogenesis (the growth of new brain tissue) … even in the elderly. According to the Peruvian shamans, these nutrients also help upgrade the quality of the biofield, which is equally important to wellness and longevity.


New Possibilities

Wellness requires taking responsibility for health through choices—what you eat, what you think, what you believe, what you do—as well as healing the trauma of your past: enabling you to live in the present.

Blending leading-edge discoveries with ancient wisdom gives us new possibilities for both preventing and reversing acute and chronic physical and emotional dis-ease, and for achieving optimal health.

My clients often find such nutritional support to be life changing in overcoming depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, and inflammatory illness, improving vitality, cognition, and memory, as well as increasing spiritual insight. It is an integral part of what I teach to promote self-mastery! Many people have also discovered an ability to achieve deeper and clearer meditative states, and the effects are readily observable.

I have found that the combination of advanced nutrition and energy medicine—the elimination of imprints of trauma and disease in the biofield—facilitates even more profound improvements in overall wellness, emotional stability, expanded perception, and accelerated spiritual development.

If you want to know more, give me a call … and try it out for yourself, with this warning: It will transform you!


Dr. Jim Collins, known as “Redtail,” is a seasoned psychologist, a wisdom keeper in the lineage of the Laika shamans of Peru, and a many-time Sun-dancer in the Lakota sacred tradition. He blends an extensive background in epigenetic and energy medicine with the ancient wisdom of the Americas to assist self-mastery: helping people heal from the wounds of their pasts and find their wings! Private sessions and other transformational opportunities are available through his Redding office at 530­-604-8653 or through his website at www.RedtailHealingArts.com.

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