Vibrate Higher with Jesse Spallina

432: The Secret Frequency

By Jesse Spallina


It was four years ago when I attended a sound healing session with Bryan Anthony. When I first heard the sound of a crystal singing bowl I was overtaken by a profound energy that I felt throughout my body. This feeling was like nothing I had felt before. The vibrations were beyond an aural experience as I could feel these beautiful sensations moving through all layers of my being. I created a space at my home where I explored sound using a variety of tools, including crystal bowls, metal Himalayan bowls, gongs, and an arrangement of high-quality speakers and subwoofers. We lovingly called this room “The Spaceship” and on November 1, 2018, I packed it up and moved it to town to share with the community.

A few days before the anticipated November 11 opening date for 432 the Camp Fire exploded and I found myself evacuated into the studio with my family, friends, and calming sound. It morphed into an alternate reality to what was happening on the other side of the door and it became clear why the call to create this space had occurred at this exact time in life. There wasn’t a business plan or financial drive behind 432. It was a matter of saying yes when called to pay tithe to the universe in gratitude for the happiness and blessings brought into my life. Sound healing is the essence of combining spirit and science to generate wellness from the inside out, starting with our vibration.

In physics we define vibration as an oscillation of the parts of a fluid or an elastic solid whose equilibrium has been disturbed. We are all matter in motion and in an ideal world we would be living within our resonant frequency where we experience sensations of peace and joy. But what happens when life throws rocks into our peaceful pond and our calm vibration is sent into waves of chaos?

Many of us are enduring chronic stress and living in dissonance from our peaceful home frequency. This stress causes our heart rates to increase, our brain waves to become scattered, and we are left with feelings of anxiety, depression, exhaustion (or alternatively we experience insomnia), and general discontent with our quality of life. Toxic vibrations are attacking our beings through poor relationships, work, finances, and so on, and we live with this reality daily. Through time we entrain with this toxic vibration and begin to experience chronic mental and physical health issues.

Entrainment is the synchronization of organisms to an external rhythm. Brainwave entrainment uses certain frequencies and binaural beats to help bring scattered and distressed brain waves to an organized and relaxed state. By using two singing bowls that are close in frequency, we can actually create binaural beats. This occurs when two frequencies are so close together that we hear a third note. After a few minutes our brains will sync with the binaural beat and bring participants into a deep state of relaxation or “theta state.” This deep state of relaxation is where the body is able to begin effective healing. By getting out of “fight or flight” mode and into “rest and digest,” we give our bodies and minds the ability to heal.

Another common issue we face today is the feeling of stagnation. This may be due to energy blockages accumulating within our bodies. We are able to use the deep vibrations of gongs to loosen these blockages and allow the energy to restore its natural flow. I often feel called to start sessions with the gongs in order to welcome participants into the session with a deeper sound and energy clearing, and then moving into the bowls where binaural entrainment occurs. I believe this offers a more well-rounded approach to using sound as a wellness therapy. This is a constantly evolving modality and there are numerous instruments and tools out there being used for individual and group sound therapy.

Through this work I have been extremely blessed to meet friends in the local sound-healing community, including Emiliano Jimenez Cornejo and Justin Smith, who are both divinely gifted and use tools that I have yet to explore. There is no ego or ownership. There is no need to compete. We understand that we are here to serve a higher purpose and that we have been given gifts that are able to positively affect people in groups as a community. We share a vision of working together and supporting one another through our individual and collaborative journeys.

Perhaps by offering the community an understanding around the power of entrainment we can spread a message of mindfulness surrounding the vibrations we send out. If we live with the intention to resonate in the frequency of love and harmony, we will therefore emit that vibration to those we encounter and through time, if enough people choose to live in that frequency, perhaps we can entrain this world to live in peace. Let us gather together and vibrate higher.

Jesse Spalline-432

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