Awakening to the Fifth Dimension A Guide for Navigating the Global Shift

By Vidya Frazier

ISBN: 978-1-62287-629-7 (First Edition Publishing Company, 2014)

They say that the map is not the territory, but this book brought me face-to-face with many experiences I am having now, one being the experience of time. What was once a linear journey has somehow become more of a spherical experience in which time is coming from within my awareness of Now instead of appearing on the linear path ahead of me. Vidya’s book really helped me understand this and many other aspects of these indefinable experiences I am going through. And like any instructional book on navigating our way, this one brings out in amazing detail the importance of adjusting the “attitude” of our sails as we navigate through what I see as stormy waters ahead, but at the same time having the inner vision to see that the clear skies of consciousness lie within us at all times.

Rahasya Poe, Author of To Believe Or Not To Believe: The Social and Neurological Consequences of Belief Systems