Walking on the Razors Edge

By Rahasya Poe

You are about to read an article on a subject that I usually have with close friends, colleagues, and people who are open to thinking out of the box. But don’t even start reading it unless you promise to get to where it asks, “So Now what?” If, while reading this, you feel offended in any way, be assured that this is not my objective. Since writing my book on beliefs I have experienced several attempts to put me in some kind of category so let me set the record straight before I continue.


I am not anti-religion, anti-American, anti-Semitic, or anti-anything except one thing—I am anti-bull@#*!. So, let’s take a look at a few things in our world through the eyes of a 21st-century human being who is searching for the truth no matter where it leads, and remember that we’re all in this together with the same goals, which is to live out our lives in peace and to gain a deeper understanding of the world around us and the world within.


But first let me tell you a little about myself. Recently, about two years ago, I realized that through the years I had unconsciously mixed a lot of what I believed to be true with the few things that I knew were true, which is a terrible mistake for anyone seeking the truth. So after a careful separation of what I knew and what I didn’t know, I realized that the only thing I knew for sure was that “I exist” and that there seems to be something, call it consciousness or God if you will, orchestrating what I would call reality. So it’s from this place of humility that I would like to start this article.


You might be asking yourself, “What is this guy going to be talking about if he admits that he knows nothing?” This is where “paradox” takes the stage front and center. As it turns out, “not knowing” seems to be the key to all deep understanding. Up until now all of our understanding has been based on a polarized view of our reality, but something happened 100 years ago that people didn’t quite grasp and most still have a difficult time with; it’s called “quantum physics” and in the quantum world we enter a world that is topsy-turvy and would make even Alice a little dizzy.


To Believe or Not To BelieveBefore I get too far, let me define science and religion as I see them and their relationship with each other since these are the two predominant ways we search for truth. Science is built on and around tradition, the tradition of repeatable experiments and validation. Einstein once said that he stood on the shoulders of giants and it’s true. There would be no Einstein without Isaac Newton, there would be no Newton without Copernicus, and so on. Scientific knowledge is interdependent on past discoveries. Religion, on the other hand, is, or should be, grounded in the present moment and looking forward and free from the confines of absolutism. Without the free expression of the spirit that religion offers, we would become stagnant with sterile observations of our world. Religion, in my opinion, shouldn’t be confined to the past. For example, Jesus was not dependent on a Buddha, and Muhammad was not dependent on a Jesus, and so on. Every great spiritual leader, whether we agree with him or her or not, had a fresh and unique view of the world and the reality in which he or she lived at the time. So the relationship between religion and science is crucial. What’s happening now is that science is entering the realm that was once confined to religious thought, and likewise, religion is becoming more and more dependent on science as we enter the quantum world of subtle energies.

What does this mean to a person searching for truth? You’re going to need to stay with me on this because the point is elusive by traditional thinking. You may have heard the term “walking on the razor’s edge.” It refers to the precarious place we find ourselves in when we start seeing the pathology of taking sides, whether it’s the sides in a war or ideas. In this worldview there are no winners or losers, Republicans or Democrats, good or evil, or any other polarized and divisive view that we have held on to for dear life through the centuries by creating national boundaries and divisive religions.


We are at the very beginning of the greatest transformation of consciousness in human history, both as individuals and as a collective human consciousness. I will be the first to admit that I could be wrong on this, and always keep in mind that what I know to be true and what I believe to be true are two different things. This is why it’s called “walking on the razor’s edge”—because it’s a precarious place to be. But it’s from here that you see further over the horizon of where we are headed and realize that the true handicap to thinking and even feeling is caused by the polarization of higher truths as they enter our reality. This happens because we have become accustomed to “believing” and bypassing the “experience” of truth. Remember that Buddha said to not believe anything he said simply because he said it, go out and experience it for yourself.


So let’s take a quick look at our world and where traditional thinking has taken us. Let’s start with politics and world governments, including our own, the United States. Have you noticed that nothing seems to be working? We are 23 to 25 out of 30 of the top industrialized countries in reading and writing. Why? Because of the polarized views of teachers’ unions, who say that even the worst of teachers cannot be fired after tenure, which is often after only two years. A recent study showed that an elementary student taught by subpar teachers in three successive grades is unlikely ever to catch up to peers who had effective teachers over the same period. Stanford economist Eric Hanushek calculates that replacing the worst-performing 6 percent to 10 percent of teachers with average teachers would enable the U.S. to close the national test score gap with high-performing nations like Finland and Canada. This alone tells you that most teachers are amazing and dedicated but the system is being bogged down by a few who simply should not be teaching. New York City has been paying $15 million per year to teachers who were so bad that the system wouldn’t let them teach or who were involved in some type of court case that kept them out of the classroom but who couldn’t be fired.


In Congress it’s called a “lame duck” session but it simply means that members can’t get anything done because they are so polarized. Bills are in Congress right now that would help many Americans but that will not get passed until the “other” side gives concessions to other bills that have nothing to do with our well-being and everything to do with special interest groups. We hear the term “broken government” over and over, which is about the only thing they can agree on and of course the reason it’s broken is “them,” those Republicans or those Democrats. We have all but erased our balance-of-power system and our oversight committees. The list of congressmen and women and representatives who have been brought up on charges and allegations of fraud and moral misconduct is far too extensive to include in this article.


Did you take notice in the 2010 elections? Both sides of the aisle brought up everything about the other side except for one thing … the war; they don’t want us to think about what’s really driving us into bankruptcy. We have citizens going to Iraq now with their cameras who are bringing back more information than we will ever get on CNN or FOX News. This has true investigative journalists such as Amy Goodman, Bill Moyers, and Robert Frisk truly concerned about the future of our country and our world. I can tell you from my own experience that we are getting maybe 10 percent of the truth behind the war. Do I support our troops? You bet, 100 percent. And the way I support them is to make sure they are over there risking their lives for the right reasons and if not, to do everything in my power to bring them home. But most Americans have been brainwashed to think that supporting the troops is putting bumper stickers on their cars and hoping and praying that they will be safe. Well, so far that is not working as we approach 6,000 deaths of American soldiers, not to mention the uncountable deaths of innocent Iraqi citizens, excuse me, collateral damage. And don’t think for a minute that we are actually withdrawing all of our troops; we are in the Middle East to stay.


And don’t even get me started on the illegal Federal Reserve that prints up money, our money that we end up owing to them with interest. It just printed 100 billion dollars of $100 dollar bills that ended up being no good because they are so complex that they were printed incorrectly. Great, the only thing left that we could do right, print money, and now we can’t even get that right.


How about the “economic stimulus” money? You know, the money the government gets from taxpayers and then gives back in small portions to taxpayers, hoping they will buy something with it with most of the profit ending up in China, Korea, or some other country where the workers work in sweatshops by day and are sex slaves by night.


Then we can take a quick look at the very real conspiracy to buy up and privatize the world’s water supply and Monsanto’s agenda to control the world’s seed population by splicing in a terminator gene so farmers need to buy seeds every year.


For those of you who know a little about what’s going on you know I could go on and on with the devastation of the Amazon forests and other forests that are simply gone, and I could report a long list of situations that for lack of words borders on insanity. We eat meat in this and other industrialized countries that’s shipped thousands of miles, we’re closing down small farms in favor of industrialized farms, and the list of insane acts continues to grow every day.


So now what? If everything we do seems to make the situation worse or the effect is so trivial it makes very little difference, what is the answer? I think Einstein put it well when he said that we will never come up with solutions from the same level of consciousness that created the problems. As I mentioned before, we are on the verge of a global transformation of consciousness unlike anything we have ever experienced and in fact, beyond anything we can even imagine at this point. But we have a responsibility as individuals in this process to do the work of becoming more enlightened and aware of the world around us, to stop being afraid to look at the situation at hand, and to stop ridiculing those who are taking an active approach and speaking out.


The new level of consciousness that we need to solve today’s problems starts with those of us brave enough to walk on that “razor’s edge” and live in the precarious moment of finding our balance. I remember learning to ride a bicycle; it was totally a left-brain scenario at first, falling, a constant attempt to find my balance, and then something happened. I remember the very moment when something in my brain shifted and what was only a moment ago almost impossible became part of my nature. A part of my body-mind took over all the thousands of sensory inputs that are necessary for balancing a bicycle. This is what happens once you let go of divisive and polarized thinking—something, call it spirit or consciousness or God, something finds balance and the divisions fade away, and the ride of your life begins.


Rahasya Poe

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