Water Is Life

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Water Is Life

By Phyllis Humber


When searching for life on other planets and throughout the universe, scientists first seek to establish the presence of water. All life requires water, not only to exist, but to survive, thrive, and to be healthy.

Life as we know it here on our mother planet, Earth, is contingent and is dependent on water and light. Without either, life could not exist. Water is life.

Water is the only natural substance on planet Earth that can transform from solid to a liquid and to gas within the normal range of temperature.

As we drink water, it moves through us, integrating itself into our cellular structure and taking stock of what is going on in every part of the body. It then communicates its observations to all other molecules within our bodies to optimize the functional balance of the body.

It is through water that instantaneous communication occurs between cells. Once water goes through the cell membrane (the skin of the cell), it is used for maintaining body temperature, absorbing nutrients and then delivering those nutrients to the brain and vital organs, eliminating wastes, and other cellular processes.

Drinking water and absorbing moisture through our skin is key in getting and staying hydrated. Optimal body hydration is important for optimal cell hydration and function. About one third of the water in our bodies is extracellular and about two thirds is intracellular.

Summer is here and as the temperature rises, our thirst increases and instinctively we increase our liquid intake. There are so many choices to satisfy our thirst. There are some beverages that are our favorites and there are some that are trendy fads, but most of all we drink what tastes good to us. Whether eating or drinking, we generally do so without considering what effect our choices have on our cellular health.

According to cellular biologist Bruce Lipton, what we eat has an immediate effect on every cell of our body, including DNA. We alter our own genetic readout by the food we eat, and therefore we can change hundreds of genes simply by changing what we put in our mouths.

If the food we eat has such a profound effect on us at the cellular level, all the way down to the expression of our genes, what else is happening to us on a cellular level? What about the water we drink? Water has an immediate effect on our cells as well. Water, like food, is nutrition.

When we reach for water, our main concerns are taste, satisfying our thirst, and the purity of the water. For most of us, what is going on in our cells is not even a thought, let alone a concern.

Water that has been electrolyzed in an ionizing alkaline water device is alkaline, hydrating, oxygenating, antioxidizing, and therefore, it enhances the healing power of the human body.

The best way to get electrolyzed water is from a Kangen ionizing alkaline water device. This technology originated in Japan and has been available here in America since 2003.

Electrolyzed ionized alkaline water has a high pH of 8.5 to 9.5 and thus contains OH- ions, which are negatively charged, resulting in a negative oxidation-reduction potential (-ORP), which is an active antioxidant.

In a recent article from the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition, “Molecular hydrogen (H2)” has been recognized and established as a greater antioxidant than OH- ions. The article goes on to show how molecular hydrogen/H2-rich alkaline water has neuroprotective effects. It is effective in preventing the onset of neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and brain cell death. Molecular hydrogen/H2-rich alkaline water protects the health of the brain.

Just think, if H2-rich alkaline water does all this and more for the brain, imagine what it can do and does do for the rest of the body. It also has therapeutic effects as an anti-inflammatory and in various other conditions such as mitochondrial dysfunction and metabolic syndrome. We will cover this and more in the next Lotus Guide article and upcoming workshops.

Changing your drinking water to Kangen ionized alkaline water is the best way to experience the benefits of H2-rich alkaline water.


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Ionized alkaline water is not a cure; it gives the body an opportunity to return to homeostasis. Read other articles in the Lotus Guide here http://www.lotusguide.com/ionized-alkaline-water/