Water Water Everywhere

By Dana Goforth

We are in the Age of Aquarius. According to native prophecy, we are also entering a planetary water cycle. On a global level, the cleansing properties of Mother Earth via tsunamis, flooding, and rising oceans is clearly evident. More accessible to us are the natural springs that also provide an opportunity to cleanse and replenish.

Through time, people have sought the fresh water of springs and wells as places of worship, sanctuary, and healing. The purifying and healing properties of water, especially mineral waters, are well documented. Even today, we value the power of water with businesses devoted to providing a holistic environment that includes bathing.

So, what is it about water that is so alluring?

Undeniably, attraction to water is inherent in us. It’s our nature to seek out sources. After all, our bodies are 70 percent water. Just as the ancients sought and followed sources of water, today’s scientists seek to discover its presence on other planets. If there is water, there could be life.

Everything Is Consciousness

Water has long been used in spiritual ceremonies and plays an integral role in numerous belief systems. The premise of Feng Shui is that everything has consciousness, including the home, and the spirit of water cleanses negative energies and promotes harmony. Some Christian practices include full-immersion baptism in water, while others require an anointing of holy water before one enters a place of worship. A time-honored practice of bathing in the Ganges River is essential for a Hindi to clear away sins and cleanse the soul. In classical mythology, the River Styx bestowed supernatural abilities to mortals who bathed in it. Many cultures have stories about a mythical Fountain of Youth with the promise of immortality upon drinking the source waters.

Closely tied to the importance of water in ceremony is the role of water in healing. The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes in France is a well-known grotto where miraculous healings have occurred. Most indigenous medicine people use water in healing ceremonies in a variety of ways, including infusing the water with prayer and the taking of it internally. One tribe referred to a local spring as “Big Medicine Fountain” for its healing properties. This description alone speaks to the significance of water as catalyst for healing.

Stewart Mineral SpringsStewart Mineral Springs

Natural mud baths, rich in minerals, such as those on the Flathead Indian Reservation in Montana, are excellent at drawing out toxins. The high silica content of the water at Stewart Mineral Springs in Mount Shasta, California, has a similar quality, especially when combined with a dry sauna. Posting a testimony on the Stewart website, one guest describes how she no longer needed kidney dialysis after repeated soaking in its waters. Ingesting lithia water found at Lithia Springs Resort in Oregon aids in digestion and helps depression. The Kusatsu Onsen hot springs spa in Japan is said to cure everything but love sickness!

Balneotherapy, the treatment of disease using water therapy, is prescribed by many physicians. Hot spring waters rich in sulfur are found throughout the world but in Europe they are often recommended to assist in healing a variety of conditions, including skin ailments, liver toxicity, and gastrointestinal issues. German physicians routinely prescribe visits to the badans after surgery. Mineral absorption through the skin is minimal, but combined with heat it can be increased and the healing properties intensified. Ingesting water has a more direct effect on the body but without the restfulness of a soak. Steam from mineral water, often enhanced with essential oils, is also a common way to experience healing benefits.

The Therapeutic Values of mineral springs are diverse

All springs contain a high amount of negative ions, which promotes physiological well-being and physical relaxation. Bathing in hot water increases the hydrostatic pressure on the body, which in turn increases blood circulation, which assists in breaking down and eliminating toxins. Minerals that are absorbed through hot springs can enhance the immune system and the production of endorphins. For those with arthritis, the buoyancy of the water reduces stress on joints and increases range of motion. A deeper sleep is inevitable after time spent in the refuge of a warm bath.

Unfortunately, there is little direct, research-based evidence of the health-enhancing properties of water. For more than 100 years, both physicians and pharmaceutical companies, especially in the United States, have rejected alternative healing methods—and even vilified such approaches. As such, research has steered away from these solutions and focused on more profitable drug treatments. Yet people continue to trek to remote locations to “take the waters.”

A Journey…

Imagine a weblike network of tiny waterways weaving just below the surface of the earth. End to end, these rivulets are millions of miles long, ebbing and flowing on a path of their choosing. As water moves through the earth’s substrata, minute bits of calcium, iron, and other minerals are absorbed and transported elsewhere. Underground water lacks oxygen so its ionic properties are increased. This feature attracts more minerals into the molecules than surface water and when this water emerges, it’s loaded with nutrients. Mineral-saturated droplets make monster stalactites, while tiny streams rise to the surface and leave deposits on the banks of creeks, pools, and colorful ponds. Most mineral water that comes to the surface is cool but occasionally is heated before it gushes into a geothermal spring. Because the Earth’s crust has unique geologic configurations, so does the mineral content of the waters passing through.

Fortunately for us, Mother Earth continues to provide healing waters in abundance. As the beauty of Botticelli’s Birth of Venus illustrates, partaking of natural springs brings a closer connection between ourselves and spirit. We live in unique times and the opportunities to grow in many ways are abundant. Rejoicing in mineral water is one simple way to augment any spiritual and healing regime.

Healing Properties of Minerals

Alkaline (pH 8.5 and higher) breaks down and eliminates stored toxins.

Arsenic improves skin conditions, arthritis, and assists in tissue growth. It may also address fungal conditions of the feet.

Boron strengthens the skeletal system, builds muscle mass, and increases brain activity.

Bicarbonate improves circulation, especially to the hands and feet, and assists cardiovascular disease.

Iron benefits the immune system and the blood.

Lithium aids digestion and relieves depression.

Magnesium promotes healthy skin and converts blood sugar to energy.

Potassium reduces high blood pressure, eliminates toxins, and promotes healthy skin.

Silica eliminates toxins and promotes healthy skin.

Soda aids digestion and promotes tranquility.

Sodium (chloride) sooths arthritis and other orthopedic conditions, stimulates the lymphatic system, and strengthens the central nervous system.

Sulfur addresses a variety of conditions, including skin diseases, ulcers, inflammations, and respiratory problems. In Europe, it is taken orally for liver and gastrointestinal conditions.

Dana Goforth lives on the Central California coast with five long-haired cats and an awesome vacuum cleaner. Her latest book, Hollow Reed Reiki I, was published this year and she continues to teach and practice Reiki. danagoforth@gmail.com

For more information on Stewart Mineral Springs in Mt Shasta vist: www.stewartmineralsprings.com