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By Mark Light, MD

NAET (Nambrudripad’s allergy elimination technique) was discovered by Dr. Devi S. Nambudripad in 1983. NAET is a noninvasive, drug-free, natural treatment for allergies of all types and intensities using a combination of techniques, including: energy balancing, acupuncture/acupressure, allopathy, chiropractic, nutritional, and kinesiology.

The definition of an “allergy” in the NAET system is a little bit different from what we normally think of as allergies. Most people associate allergies with hay fever, swelling, wheezing, or skin rashes or inflammation. While NAET also acknowledges these symptoms as allergic symptoms, it also goes further to treat all imbalances or energetic blockages in the body as allergies. So, from an NAET perspective, depression or fatigue could be symptomatic of an allergy in the same way that hay fever is, and one can be allergic to not only foods and pollens, but also to chemicals, experiences, or even beliefs! NAET acknowledges that our bodies develop “inflammatory” responses to all kinds of things throughout our lifetimes, and though our minds may forget, the body holds on to its reactions and defenses against a wide range of substances and circumstances. NAET employs effective healing techniques to help the body release its allergic reactions and to be able to heal itself.

Why I Choose to Offer NAETNAET-(1)-copy

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in medicine and became board certified in emergency medicine. I worked as an emergency physician for 30 years, and then as a primary-care physician for about 12 years.

I was not taught about the meridian (energy) system of the body or food as medicine, let alone energy medicine. Even today, it’s considered quackery by the AMA and most physicians. Many physicians have lost their licenses for practicing alternative medicine.

NAET is an energy-based therapy that views disease as the body’s response to deeper underlying issues, treating the cause rather than symptoms. In my years of practice, I encountered many problems that my medical background could not answer. More and more of my patients wanted solutions beyond prescription drugs, surgery, or being told that they would just have to live with their conditions. When I first encountered NAET, my curiosity was piqued: Many people were reporting success with this kind of treatment. The more I learned, the more I was convinced that this treatment is changing people’s lives by restoring their health. To quote Dr. Andrew Weil:


Our bodies have the ability to heal. This is what should be emphasized in education for all people and certainly in education of health professionals. Unfortunately, most people have no confidence in the body’s self-healing abilities.


Undiagnosed allergies are often the cause of illnesses such as asthma, which can become critical if left unaddressed. In this case, the lungs and immune system are affected by blocked energy meridians in the body. Those meridians are blocked in response to allergens, inhibiting the body’s ability to heal itself.


I work with Vickie Van Scyoc, an RN who suffered from severe asthma and seasonal allergies. She is off all of the seven medications she was on before receiving NAET treatment, and she can enjoy the outdoors. The asthma medications she was on previously cost nearly $1,000 a month! By contrast, NAET paid for itself in two months—no prescription costs and no asthma!

Testimonies: NAET and Asthma

“As a medical doctor trained in allopathic medicine and practicing for over 16 years, I have learned that NAET is an incredibly powerful tool in healing the whole person rather than just treating the symptoms. NAET detects the underlying causes of asthma and other allergy-related illnesses, and treats the disease naturally and effectively.”

Lisa Camerino, MD

Portland, OR

“I have suffered for many years from fatigue and exhaustion from environmental and food allergies, as well as chronic recurring viral and bacterial infections. Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, a prominent CFS doctor, was treating me, but I was sensitive to so many supplements that he suggested NAET treatments with Dr. Devi. Today I feel like a new person and look younger, healthier, and have more energy than I’ve had in years! NAET has given me a new lease on life and I am eternally grateful.”

Alana Stewart

Actress and talk-show host

“The hallmark of asthma is the variability of symptoms. Many of my patients had severe asthma attacks, and NAET treatments have lessened the severity and frequency of these allergic responses. There was a miraculous difference in the reduction of wheezing, coughing, and shortness of breath, and in some cases no symptoms remain. NAET has changed the way we look at asthma today and in the future.”

Marilyn Chernoff, MA, ND

Albuquerque, NM

“Devi Nambudripad’s allergy elimination technique is truly remarkable. She goes to the heart of the problem and eliminates it. Unlike other doctors, Devi offers a solution that is attainable. She evaluates the physical and emotional health and treats them as one unit, like no other doctors I have met. I highly recommend this technique for anyone who suffers from allergies and asthma.”

Dylan McDermott

Star of the ABC TV series The Practice


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