What Manifesting Abundance Is Really All About

By Barbara Brennan

How do we go about creating a better life? And what exactly does a better life look like to you? For most people, it means more money, a better job, a loving partner, perhaps a bigger house. These are all reasonable ambitions for they form part our natural yearning to improve the quality of our existence.

Unfortunately, we usually set about achieving these goals in ways that appear to be direct but are actually counterproductive. Too often, we get trapped in a cycle of chasing, failing, and frustration. No matter what lengths we go to, they always seem to fall short.

The trick is in understanding that the more you worry about material benefits—or the absence of them—the less likely you are to create them. Why? Because the desire for more money or career success is just too small an objective. It severely limits our true potential and underlines the ego’s vested interest in keeping us small.

Thinking big, on the other hand, is less about daring to dream of financial wealth and more about daring not to. It means letting go of the fears and anxieties that surround our views on money and the belief that we will always have to fight for what we want.

When we can do that, when we are no longer tied down by the multitude of self-imposed restrictions that grew out of our experiences of life, our childhood wounding, our culture, and the well-meaning but often negative influence of parents, teachers, and peers, a whole new world will open. And the gifts of the universe—prosperity among them—will flow.

Or to put it a little more precisely, we will then be in a position to allow these gifts—which actually well up from within ourselves—to flow unencumbered by the obstacles we have consciously or unconsciously created.

Changing one’s whole perspective on life is, of course, a tall order, an apparently daunting prospect that involves challenging the very principles that we believehave kept us “safe” and contained for so many years. It takes courage, commitment, and trust. So what are the basic steps on that journey and how do we set out?

The desire for material gain alone often originates in a lack of trust in yourself and the inability to believe that life/God/the world will provide for you. Often, it comes from an experience in early childhood of not being adequately supported or nourished, and this premature experience of hunger (for food, nurturing, or encouragement) creates a lot of pain and a core belief that the world will not provide the necessary support: “I will not receive what I need.”

Even when we have plenty of money, we can be left with a feeling of failure or the sense that what we do have is insufficient. Money alone is not a goal that will generate contentment or fulfillment. Look at the number of pop stars who have achieved fame and fortune only to realize that it is not enough. Many turn to drugs and alcohol to dull the pain of not being able to fully express their true longing.

It is better to step back and come from a place of wholeness that already exists within us—connecting to our longing to create, to express our gifts, to serve the world and ease suffering, or move the world to another paradigm (technological, for example).

This is our place of power, our vision, where our hearts are filled with essence. Then we flow down and meet enough sense of self in the second and third chakras and enough relationship with the earth, the physical world (first chakra), to see our manifestation happen.

Many people have a beautiful vision, but early experiences of apparent failure (generating the belief that they are not good enough) mean that they will hit pain in the second or third chakras when they start the manifestation process. So even the smallest of setbacks will bring up feelings of hopelessness and frustration that are beyond proportion to the event that is in the present moment.

Negative thoughts such as “What’s the point?” or “I never get what I want” or “I don’t deserve”—old tapes—begin to play.

These appear as blocks in the energy field. To heal them, we need to ride the wave of energy each time one appears; we can then stay conscious as feelings and memories come up with the thoughts. As these integrate with process, we return to the present moment.

Old images sometimes appear because of generations of struggle and economic difficulty within the family. These inherited thought forms can be deep-seated in the first chakra and can cluster together to form powerful core beliefs about life: “Life is hard,” “Life is a struggle,” “You have to work very hard to get what you want,” or “Life is about hard work,” which creates a very joyless constellation of beliefs.

Brennan work is very powerful. It helps us honor and return the struggle of our forefathers to their lives and times. This frees enormous creative energy for our own lives and helps us see the reality of the 21st century with its unprecedented opportunities.

With daily chakra work, hara work, healings, and self-awareness, we get better at telling the difference between our lives and our parents’ lives (psychologically, this is the process of “differentiation”). This facilitates healthy cord relationships and returns us to the present.

All manifestation happens in the present. The more free we are of the past, the more energy we have for our work in the present—to relate in healthy ways to family, colleagues, and employers, to know who we are and to live that effortlessly, and to receive back joyfully the harvest of our talent and work.