What's Your Signature

Glenn Kaufman

Hey, Baby, What’s Your Sign, Signature?

By Glenn Kaufmann

Glenn KaufmanWe’ve all said it at one time or another or have heard it said: “What’s your astrological sign?” And who doesn’t know the answer to that or hasn’t peeked at a horoscope column or two?

Everyone alive today who can read a newspaper or access the Internet has probably read his or her sun sign forecast. His or her “horoscope.” Those ubiquitous columns of timely advice sandwiched between “Dear Abby” and “Dagwood.” Billions of people around the planet peek at these forecasts every day in every conceivable language. Millions have learned the attributes and attitudes associated with their sun signs. Millions more think they have. Face it. Humanity is “hooked on horoscopes.”

The dirty little secret among professional astrologers is that we all cringe a bit when we hear someone begin to reference their horoscope, because we know that sun sign–only horoscopes perpetually project an extremely simplistic stereotype of astrology to the world. There is the bundling of all people into just a few “categories,” the “Twitter”-size word bites that act as forecasts, and the underlying implication of the loss or lessening of a person’s individuality.

Did you know that you also have an astrological signature? And that an astrological signature can be 144 times more accurate than just your sun sign alone? Yep. Whereas there are only 12 different possible signs that you can be born under, there are more than 1,700 different and distinct astrological signatures—1,728 to be exact. And each signature has its own quirks and qualities. Its own characteristics and traits. Its own lessons and experiences. Since there are only 12 signs in any one year, those born in any one zodiacal sign share the same characteristics as those born in the same 30-day period of the year. With astrological signatures you narrow this window of shared characteristics down to under five hours in any one year.

How do you find out your own astrological birth signature? Ask any astrologer. He or she will be glad to tell you. Or punch your birth data into one of the many free astrology chart calculations services on the web. Find out what sign your moon is in and what sign your rising sign is in, also called the ascendant. These, combined with your sun sign, make up your personal astrological signature and are considered the three most important aspects of your astrology chart. Sun sign. Moon sign. And rising sign.

Once you know these three things, look at your favorite horoscope column. Read your sun sign forecast as you normally would. And in so doing, I want you to think of this forecast as the general characteristics for the day in question. Next, read the forecast for the sign your moon is in. This reveals how you will feel on the day in question and what emotional issues may surface. Last, read the forecast for your rising sign to give you some insights into how you will present yourself to others and how they will likely perceive you. And you can do this with any horoscope column, anywhere, anytime. All you need is your sun, moon, and rising signs. In this way, you too can find what I like to call the hidden wisdom in the horoscope.

It is time to transform the simple sun sign forecast into something more. Something that educates more and perpetuates less. Something that opens more doors and more windows to the self and closes more stereotypes. Step up to a new level of astrological awareness and step up into the Aquarian Age. Turn your birth sign into your signature and see what you have written in the stars.


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