Why Active Meditation

Why Active Meditation

Rahasya PoeThere can be little doubt that, man, as we know him today, is a very new phenomenon. One way to see how much we have changed is to see the outer manifestation of that which we call “mind”. If we look at technology and observe how far we have come in 100 years, we get a clue as to how much our minds have also developed. Traditional meditation did not have “modern man” in mind when they were developed. We live in a totally alien world compared to one, two, or three thousand years ago. Our air is toxic, our water is impure, our food is genetically altered, our soil is depleted of minerals, even our Sun is burning differently (more helium). This, added to the constant mental bombardment by the world we live in…well, you get the point.

Another aspect to this dilemma is what might be referred to as “The Seat of Consciousness”. There was a time when man’s consciousness resided in the area of the navel and as time went on, it rose to the area of the heart. Now, our center of consciousness is in the area of our brain. This is why such teachings by Krishnamurti are so popular, because you can “understand” them on a mental level. No method is needed, no technique is needed–only understanding. But if it’s just a verbal understanding remaining on an intellectual level, there is no transformation, it’s “interesting to the mind” but nothing changes. It’s just a little more accumulated knowledge.

The reason “chaotic active meditation’s” work is precisely because the brain can not hold on to it. The brain always attempts to systemize information and, at some point, the information must make sense (be logical), otherwise it lets it go. The method is so chaotic that the center of consciousness is automatically pushed from the brain to the heart.

Once in our heart, we find that we are so suppressed and dominated by the brain, that we need catharsis to release and open up to our feelings. Once our heart becomes light and unburdened, our conscious energy moves even lower, down to our naval. A good example of this happening instantaneously would be in a situation where a car pulls out in front of you and your reaction needs to be faster than the mind can accommodate. At that moment, you can feel a sensation in the pit of your stomach. Our language even reflects our knowledge of this in statements like, “I had a gut feeling about this”, or, “It happened so quick, I didn’t have a chance to think about it.”

To come to this point with an intentional process is what allows us to enter a meditative space in which “The Dance Meditation” happens

We are far away from the roots of our own consciousness, but it’s only from the source of our consciousness that we can truly experience a conscious transformation–commonly called,


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