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Most stories start with “Once Upon A Time” so…

Once upon a time in a place far from here, I lived on the beach, La Costa, in a reconverted 1947 Greyhound bus. Since I was one of the few people at that time who had a little money, I always had a…well, let’s say a colorful group of people that came around at dinner time. I would throw some steaks on the fire, break out a few bottles of beer and watch the sun go down with friends that could do everything from play the guitar and sing to entertain with their humorous stories.


Rahasya’s Old 1947 Flexi

But there was one guy, Dean, that always showed up and I don’t think he said a dozen words over the 6 months I was there. He would sit, listen to the music and fade away to wherever the homeless went, come evening. I took the whole group to Ensenada, Mexico to a disco-bar on the beach to party and bring in the New Year. It was the highlight of the year for many of those souls. As always, Dean sat quietly at the bar, deep into his thoughts until around fifteen minutes until midnight when he silently and humbly walked over to an old piano that looked like it might not even play and sat down. He slowly and quietly started playing and hardly anyone took notice for the first few minutes. But little by little people started understanding that they were in the midst of a musical genius. As he played, the music took on a life and a tempo of its own and the louder the music got, the quieter the crowd of over 100 people got…until the last minute when there was not a sound in the previously loud and raucous bar.  That last minute was the minute before midnight when the piece he was playing ended as gently and as quietly as it had begun.

When the clock struck midnight, there was not a sound in the place and many were brought to tears. After around 3o seconds someone gently clapped, then another and another until the whole place was a resounding applause for a moment in time that everyone will remember forever. Later, on the way home he sat up beside me and I asked him what his story was. He said three years ago yesterday his wife and 2 kids went out on New Years Eve to buy some food for breakfast and was in an accident that took all three lives. When he got the news he walked out of his home in La Jolla and never looked back. He was a world class concert pianist at that time. That encounter taught me something very important, everyone has a story and value beyond our imagination if we simply take the time to “see” them. Oh, and by the way, the piano piece he played was “Piano Concerto No.3 in D minor” by Sergio Rachmaninoff which is considered one of the most technically challenging piano concertos in classical music.

Why I told this story is because far too many times in life people pass us by unnoticed who are amazing and creative souls. William-Allen Henderson EverOne (WilliamEverOne) is one of those souls who invites all of us to join and be co-creators with the Creative Force of the Universe.  The modern world is so fast and furious that it often drowns out the subtle and quiet visionaries that remind us of the beauty in this world through their music, poems, and art. 


Special thanks to Benjamin Hills for the photography

WilliamEverOne, who also goes by “GoBe” is the artist who painted the mural in the Chico Plaza.  This is where a lot of people might end the story but this is not just any mural painting. William gathered different colored crystals from all over the world to make the paint for this mural, which is why it is standing up to the test of time and not fading. The soil that was ground up for the paint on the Plaza side of the wall came from 2nd Avenue and Esplanade where the original photograph of the trolley was taken. It was that fine crystallized powder that created the sepia-tone look of the photograph the Arts Commission wanted. The variations of shading required over 150 layers of varnish mixed with crystals, each layer being sanded to a smooth finish. In the end the mural on the 5th Street side had crystals from every corner of Mother Earth and even Outer Space. The columns were from crystals that William got from Mount Shasta, the red tones are Indian Pipestones from Minnesota, lapis from Afghanistan helped with the blue, crystals from Africa made the green, the trollies windows are silica from Mt. St. Helens, the yellow in the leaves in the background came from Nevada, and the crème color for the trolley came from a crystal from Scott Johnson.


William EverOne and Rahasya

It took several weeks of preparation on the wall just to get started. The mixture of soil and special varnish is Williams own creation with help from Peter Cuneo at Pacific Design Workshop who helped in the grinding of the crystals. Peter also provided some of the crystals from Montana that helped in the creation of the turquoise-blue. Williams wish is for the Love that people project onto the mural will be magnified by the resonant harmonics of the crystals and will radiate positive consciousness over the city. We, The Lotus Guide, just want to say thanks to William for bringing some beauty and laughter into our community and reminding us that an amazing future awaits us as co-creators.

One last thought is for those in the community who are homeless and often rest in front of WilliamEverOne’s mural to know that they are loved and honored as human beings walking on this planet and they are not alone…we are all headed to the same place, wherever that is.

What follows is something that I hesitate putting words on…however, you know me. I suppose calling it a manifesto for all who hear the calling to be co-creators and let Love be their guiding force and moral compass as we enter into what will be challenging times for many of us would come close. William and friends have worked on this over the years and if I know WilliamEverOne, it’s still not finished because Truth has no final resting place.


the page

Infinity… An unknown beginning or ending of time, space, matter, or dimensions where anything is possible.

Imagine being co-creators with an Unconditionally Loving, Creative Intelligence that animates life and matter in the infinite.

A common vision with universal appeal would be helpful with international activities of our increasingly interdependent world.

Historically, humankind has aspired to immortality, this being the ultimate aspiration of most religions. For some it is a fantasy, for others an inner certainty. It is also a subject of serious scientific research. The desire for immortality has, in part, brought civilization to a spiritual and scientific quickening where we are now co-creators of the events influencing life, its length and quality as well.

One fact common to life is survival. Survival projected to our intellectual limit is infinite. Imagine a state of continual existence physically, spiritually, or what ever form. Could it be a unifying human goal? It is a vision people can share, a creative adventure ascribing high value to life, particularly human life.

Dis-ease and premature aging are indicators of imbalance. Due to expanding global and cosmic communication, the fears and realities associated with human suffering are being identified and understood. We are experiencing the healing and balancing of the electro-magnetic, masculine-feminine polarities in the heart with love. Unconditional Love brings into focus the laws of creation, ethics, values and human activities with those of the earth, the universal community, and other planes of existence.

Imagine inhabitants of earth focusing their imagery and energy, spirit and will with Loving intent; a process that symbolizes limitless potential, encouraging diversity, cooperation, and the self-defined well-being of each individual and nation, where everyone can pursue their life path.

It is because of the collective efforts of all individuals, families, and nations that an abundant and meaningful way of living is rapidly awakening within the human consciousness on earth.

Envision consciously being co-creators with an Unconditionally Loving, Creative Intelligence that animates life and matter in the infinite…



The backside of the Plaza is still in process

William EverOne

William EverOne