WINTER Workshop

The WINTER Workshop 2017

Cal-LingShifting Chaos & Uncertainty To Self-Empowerment & Wisdom

The Power and impact of Winter is often underestimated as a Season. A Rich Opportunity to rest, re-align your internal compass, andrejuvenate your vision awaits your presence and commitment. It is Conscious Hibernation filled with Potent Possibilities for your Brilliant Success. Welcome Winter!….and invigorate your soul with a retreat that juices your Dreams and Desires to flow like never before ! From the ancient ways of our indigenous ancestors to innovative brainresearch, you will thrive in a expanded space of awareness and community.



A seasonal assessment of your yearly cycle and how to navigate your personal rhythms with Winter as the first part of the Wisdom Cycle. The Medicine Wheel and the circle utilized as sacred geometric shapes for balance, flow and Personal Empowerment.

This segment investigates the power of traditional celebration sites for initiations, prayer and sacred seasonal ceremonies from around the world to yourbackyard.

DIVINE FEMININE and DIVINE MASCULINE Balancing the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine within ourselves is one of the biggest challenges that each of us face on a daily level. Becoming an irresistible magnetic presence to accomplish your best work and attract your mostinspired sacred relationships is the direct result of masculine/feminine balance.

COLOR and SOUND for HEALING Consciously using Color as a secret weapon to Empower yourself for phenomenal Success in your everyday living is an ancient healing tool as well as the Science of Sound. Experience the vibratory effects on your health, wealth andrelationships.

STORYTELLING and WISDOM KEEPING The ancient art of Story Telling is a form of Wisdom Keeping and communication through which archetypes are used to share tribal history and spirituality in colorful ways. Storytelling is also a way to view alternate outcomes of the past and project a Pleasurable Future. Become a Scribe of your Personal Truth.

NATURE CONNECTION Your connection with Nature is inextricably interwoven with the cycles of life, the Seasons,the Four Directions, life and death. It is a place to clear your mind of unwanted lingering thoughts and emotions as well as download information from other realms including the winged ones, the four leggeds, the stone people, the little people and the old ones. The Workshop will lead us outside into this fresh arena of


DREAMING THE DREAM Your Dreams are a vehicle for Transformation in Divining past, present and the future. Learning to utilize this skill is a valuable tool to assist in your every day living. You will be introduced to techniques to enhance your Dream Life so that you can Dream into Limitless Living.

CREATIVITY as YOUR INNATE GIFT Creativity is your most effective tool of Transformation. Creativity amplifies your Brilliance, kicks depression to the curb, takes you to a higher level of Self Awareness, instigates new neuro pathways for your brain and gives you untold Pleasures and Personal Success. And it is not entirely what you think !This module is rich with information and experiences to validate your own assessment of your Creativity. Creativity keeps you Whole, Healthy, and Happy. Add Imagination and you are Unstoppable !

THE POWER of YOUR PRESENCE. Enhancing the Power of your Presence through Breath and the Written Word are tools of the sages. Find out how to source your emotional state and heal it through simple exercises that clear your mind quickly with Ease and Grace.

SELF LOVE as the KEY Honoring your BEINGNESS in all of its manifestations including Light and Shadow is one of the easiest and most difficult tasks that humans can accomplish. Your missionis Full of the Duality and Separation that is permeating the world at present, however your calling to this place of Genuine Authenticity is a longing to just Be and in that Beingness there is only Love and Self Love is the crux of your entire life. Our experiences with Self Love will leave you Breathless !

Participating in THE WINTER WORKSHOP will give you the Opportunity to learn to Allow the Successes you deeply Desire, Expand your Energetic Field which in turn Expands the Universal Energetic Field,recognize the Gift of who you are and Receive Peace of Mind.

Begins: Wednesday night – January 18, 2017 6:00 – 8:30pm Six Sessions on Wednesday Nights $297 – payment plan available Special outings may be included.

Call: Cal-Ling 530-354-4339 or email: Limited enrollment so call now !