Words Make Worlds

Words Make Worlds

By Terry Cole-Whittaker


At the heart of our desires is eternal happiness without the slightest hint of misery. You could say that we are pleasure seekers; however, seeking pleasure from the objects of our five senses produces fleeting moments of pleasure whereas, pleasure of one’s self, a soul, is eternal and ever-increasing pleasure.

This may appear impossible given that all around us people are suffering from stress, fear, sorrow, pain, and fear of future suffering, especially death. None of these are natural to us, because we are eternal spirit souls. Humanity has been controlled through the fear of death.

Eastern mysticism explains in the Srimad Bhagavatam:

Terry Cole-Whittaker

“Grief and delusion, happiness and misery, even the birth and death of the body—are the effects of Maya/illusion. This outer objective world, which is recognized by the mind and perceived by the senses, is a projection of consciousness. It is transitory, temporary and constantly changing; whereas, we, as eternal spirit souls are unchanging, godlike, and eternal.

Mind alone is the cause of the bondage or freedom of the soul. By the attachment of the mind to the world we become bound; by the devotion of the mind to God presence within as the Soul of every soul, we become free.

The wise ones know that attachment to things and the gratification of one’s 5 senses with their objects is the cause of bondage and suffering. Yet attachment to our Source within as the Self, brings liberation and supreme pleasure of the soul.

He who has conquered his own mind has conquered the universe. Learn to be contented under all circumstances. One who has contentment in his heart finds good everywhere and at all times and is never tossed about on the sea of chaos and confusion, but always centered in his heart of compassionate love.”


The cause of misery, death, and all personal and collective problems is rooted in the mind, the false, copy mind. The real, divine mind is transcendental, the witness, without thinking. Divine mind is without thoughts, all knowing, and eternally blissful.

Trying to solve problems by thinking about them never produces a permanent solution because this false mind creates all problems; whereas, divine mind and our inner guidance bring forth solutions for our greatest good and the greatest good for all.

Misery starts with a person’s reactions to someone or something outside of his or herself. In truth, it is not the event or situation or what others are saying or doing that is the problem; it’s our reaction that is triggered by what we believe these words and events mean.

Words, including their meanings, have been taught to us in school, religion, science, media, and cultures and then generally accepted by humanity and made manifest in our personal and collective worlds. Words are made of letters, which I call squiggles on paper, with sounds and meanings attached, so when we think, hear, and speak we are producing the outer world. Thoughts are words, words are sounds, sounds are vibrations, vibrations are energy, and energy gives off light; therefore, thoughts/words produce matter made of light and sound.

Manufactured meaning has already been implanted in the unconscious through language and subliminal messages. This is why it is not wise to trust or believe our thoughts/words or the meanings. We intuitively know what is true and false and all that is needed to be known in each moment.

I will put something in your mind and you cannot stop it. A green ball. More than likely you envisioned a green ball. Whatever is in your mind is an implanted thought program that turns our thoughts into manifestations, because we are creators.

These two words, success and failure, are each a collection of letters that we interpret with the meanings that we have been taught to believe are true and real when they are just letters and sounds and have nothing to do with us. Notice the anxiety that the words success and failure have caused, the huge world of concepts, beliefs, scenarios, and so on. We have been taught that these letters, words, and meanings pertain to and define us, the divine beings, who are beyond definition, labels, or loss or gain.

We have given spirit, life, existence to these words as true, real, and more powerful than we are. Take the word money. Are you more powerful than money (letters, sounds, and meanings), or is this combination of letters, sounds, and meanings more powerful than you and others? Notice the effects, the hopes, values, energy, and all that is contained within m-o-n-e-y. Words are worlds.

The pretend mind, copy/artificial mind is analyzing, criticizing, counting, making one’s self wrong and bad, not good enough, worrying, proving one is right and others wrong, liking and disliking, and fearing future loss, lack, and suffering. This false, copy mind is always conspiring to avoid future suffering, loss and lack, thus creating it instantly in one’s emotions and mind as if had happened.

Watch your thought process and your reactions to words, yours and others’. Notice the “stop” words that you have been using to stop yourself and others. Notice what happens when you believe the thoughts in your mind. Now, notice what happens when, instead of thinking or trusting these thoughts, you are fully conscious in the now.

English is a spell-casting language through spelling. We cast a spell for a sentence and period. Writing words is called cursive and cursing us with the meaning, sounds, and sigils (letters). John 1.1 in the New Testament states: “In the beginning was the word, the word was with God, and the word was God.” Very interesting! All is hidden in plain sight.

Once we perceive how this works and what it has been doing, we can eliminate its influence and shift our consciousness from the unconscious controlling, be fully conscious as the now, drop the stop words, and go forth and manifest what you need to do your work and activate your divine powers, qualities, and abilities.

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