Working with Your Angels

“Are You a Puppet?”

By Mt. Shasta Angel Communicator Crystal Lynne

Welcome to Mt. Shasta, where you can expand and grow into the beautiful spiritual being you are—”your angelic being, your higher self.” The gifts you are born with are screaming for recognition, demanding answers, looking for healing and understanding. The angels say, “Use your discernment.” Do not allow yourself to be manipulated! Stay grounded and pay attention to your inner self. Check within. Know your gauge (that voice that says, “No, I don’t think so” or “Yes, right on”). Your gauge will give you a “Yes” or a “No” answer each and every time. When you are grounded and aware of everything around you, a “Yes” will feel good and a “No” might be a feeling of doubt and/or a light-headed queasy feeling. A “No,” or a warning, might be a feeling of exhaustion, sleepiness, or a trance state of mind.

Regardless of your spiritual development, be cautious. It is very easy to get caught up in the addictive feeling of the euphoric high. Once in that high, it is easy to let our guards down and open ourselves up to those who do not have integrity. Those who are further evolved are also at risk for becoming a puppet of those who are not operating with integrity. Be aware that there are people who appear to be of light but who are not operating from light. They use light as a form of manipulation. This manipulation is obviously not in your best interest. If you are not understanding what we are talking about, let me teach you two quick ways to identify with your higher self, as this will allow for the understanding of how this false light is used.

1. The empowerment of paying attention to your feelings as you move through your journey/adventure will help to guide you in truth and integrity. This is where love, real power, peace, joy, and true ascension begins.

2. Discernment is the key to awareness. Make sure you are clear and that you do not have people plugged into you who are using your light for their manipulation. They will “cloak themselves” using your light and this is how they will use you as a “puppet.” Many times you will not realize it until they have already plugged into you.

This type of manipulation uses you for your light energy. You may ask why would anyone want to do this? What happens is that manipulators are no longer of light, so they need to plug into someone of light so they can continue to “pretend” to be of light. Think of it this way—It is like people not paying their electric bills (no longer of light). They are getting ready to be shut off, running out of steam (energy), and now they run an electric extension cord from their neighbor (you) to use your electricity without asking (your light).

Stay grounded and pay attention. The minute you feel as if you are in a trance/dazed or out of your body, you’re not in good company! Danger, danger … use your discernment! Once they tap into your beautiful light, they use your light and energy and you will be left feeling vulnerable and exhausted. Now you have become a “puppet.” You have been tapped into for your energy and your light


There is nothing more beautiful than “working with your angels.” Understanding how to work with your angels, using your own discernment, you will never be misguided in your ascension or your journey. To have a direct connection, you will have a better understanding of your expanded consciousness. This expanded consciousness allows you to remember, to know your true essence as the multidimensional being that you are. You are so much more than you can imagine. We will bring in the “oneness” operating in the higher dimensions. This opens the third-dimensional world to the universal realms, the unity in creation. This will bring forth and change the frequencies of this earthly realm. What is the result? Peace, joy, awareness, and connection. We are not puppets! We can and are living in our full power. We are all individually responsible in the universal realms for our position in holding integrity. Holding integrity allows for our children today to come forth into this space, here on earth, with love, clarity, and peace. We need to cocreate a world for our children, and even for ourselves, a world that is clear of manipulation. A world that will expose and not tolerate manipulation is where truth and integrity will prosper.

We work with you, gifted children and parents. Love, real light, understanding, and education are our biggest tools in bringing the peace we all deserve. This is why personal power and working with your angels in clarity is so important. It is the gift you bring to the oneness of creation and this is what we do in sharing the information from your angels and helping you with that connection within yourself. If you feel guided, we welcome you to connect with “your angels.” For information regarding your journey into your expanded consciousness, contact us through our website at or see our ad in the Lotus Guide.

“With more blessings than you can count,”

Crystal Lynne and crew