You Can Heal Anything Interview with Stephen Lewis

You Can Heal Anything

An exclusive interview with Stephen Lewis

In the Lotus Guide

By Robert Anthony Carr

About 20 years ago, an organization called the World Research Foundation held a symposium to highlight the most advanced discoveries and developments in the field of health. What amazed me at the time was that most of the truly impressive breakthroughs came from physicists. Not biologists, medical doctors, or chemists.

This was the thought I had in mind when I read the book, Sanctuary : The Path to Consciousness , by Stephen Lewis and Evan Slawson. It’s a novel about the development and application of the AIM Program, which in turn, is a technology of self-healing that works with life force and consciousness.

Without a doubt, the book has given me a strong foundation for understanding what Stephen has developed through the last 30 years of research and practice in the fields of quantum mechanics and healing. After the initial personal consultation with him, and two weeks on the program, I started noticing results.

It’s from this perspective as a new participant in the AIM Program that I start this interview.


Robert Anthony Carr: To be sure that I really understand what you do, let me start with two very basic questions. First: What makes the All-Inclusive Method (AIM) Program’s approach to healing different from other approaches?

Stephen Lewis: I do not find diseases. My method of finding energetic imbalances is not accepted by this government as a method of finding disease, and so I don’t claim to find diseases. I find frequencies that we associate with disease. And I believe that we are the authority on this. However, we do not transcend this, and thereby we stay within the confines of law.

So the AIM program doesn’t treat anything. It doesn’t heal. All healing is done by you.


RC: And second: How does the AIM Program help me heal myself?

SL: If I said to you: “You have some imbalances that are dire and require some immediate attention. I think you need to take 15-20 hours per day and focus on them,” you’d probably say: “I don’t have 15-20 hours a day, because I have a job and this and that.” The AIM Program helps you to focus and stay focused 24/7. This concept is not new. What is new is being able to use frequencies in units of consciousness.


RC: So consciousness is directly related to healing?

SL: I believe it is absolutely impossible to separate healing and consciousness and spirituality. I think they are a trinity and always have been. Notice I did not say treatment or diagnosis, but I did say healing.

Healing is when you take the manifestation of a low level of consciousness and replace it with a higher order of consciousness. And within that definition you get the definition of what healers do. Actually, it’s kind of a misnomer. At this primitive level whether you call it depression or call it poverty or cancer or diabetes nobody heals you but you. True healers raise your consciousness and enable you to heal yourself.


RC: How does this work exactly?

SL: My field of expertise is subtle energy physics, which tells us that everything in the world has a footprint that resonates at a specific frequency. This resonance can be measured in many ways. I measure it on a scale from 0 to 100 in units of consciousness. This is written about in the novel, Sanctuary.

Consciousness is what we as individuals use to shape energy into the particulate that we call the material world. In other words, consciousness creates matter out of energy. That’s why it can be measured, and why matter can be changed.

Of course, I’m not talking about changing your Buick into a Rolls-Royce. I’m saying that if there’s something about your life that you deem to be negative, you must understand it and take responsibility for it. A) You created it. B) It’s there for a reason. And therefore, C) you can change it, or you can remove it. This is called healing.

This is the whole key. You can heal yourself using what we call a “spiritual technology of healing.” There has always been a technology of healing, but it’s been a little bit more primitive. Prayer wheels were used in countless places in the world. Other people may pray. Or chant on some kind of output device. People use all sorts of ways to help themselves heal. I feel that what we have is probably the most efficacious implementation of technology that helps people heal themselves.


RC: How would you define a disease frequency?

SL: A disease frequency is simply a frequency that is disharmonic with the human state. If the disease frequency cannot get a toehold, if you have no weakness that the frequency can latch on to, you can repel it and go on with your life. The reality is that almost any disease you can think of, if you look carefully enough, you’ll find you have antibodies to it. This means that you had the disease and repelled it. So why are some people unable to do that? Why do they succumb? The answer is that they have a profound enough weakness at this resonant frequency. The frequency provides a safe haven for the disease.


RC: You mention in Sanctuary that these disease frequencies seem to exhibit an intelligence. Do they actively look for our weaknesses?

SL: Everything is conscious. I find the frequency of cancer or anything to be highly conscious. There is a fundamental rule in life and that is: survival. For you. For me. For cancer. And how this works is very simple. If you acquire an imbalance, that imbalance will look for a place within you where it can survive. That is to say, where you cannot readily and easily overcome it.

This is not some earth-shattering concept. You and I, everybody acts the same way. We look to survive. We look for some place that is hospitable for us, because there is no sense in our settling anywhere where we cannot get a toehold. And the same is true for these imbalances. Call it “cancer,” “smallpox,” “anthrax,” anything. If you have no area of weakness, you are fundamentally invulnerable energetically. And I believe in human levels where that’s the case.

When we do an evaluation energetically with someone, we look at what imbalances exist and for his or her degree of imbalance, which we can measure in terms of the frequency of LifeForce. LifeForce is my term. Other words for LifeForce are qi (chi) or prana. The concept is as ancient as mankind. We also look at whether these imbalances are acquired or hereditary. Then we look at what these imbalances mean and how active they’ve become.

It’s my experience that hereditary imbalances are the substance that basically form you. And you have a lifetime to deal with them or have them deal with you. But even if it seems as if you only have a very brief period of time to deal with the imbalance, the good news is and there is always a good-news factor there is enough time, no matter how advanced your imbalances have become. For almost everyone: You can still heal yourself.


RC: You use a photograph of an individual as a proxy, as a stand-in, for the individual. And deliver balancing frequencies to the photograph, which directly affects the individual. If you can do this, aren’t we vulnerable to anyone who has our photographs?

SL: Wayne Dyer asked me one time: “How come my driver’s license picture doesn’t have this effect on me?” And I said: “Because there is no intention involved in your driver’s license picture.”

The picture is only a tool. It can act as a holographic instrument, your hologram, if you have that intention. The key is not the tool, but your consciousness using that tool. It’s like seeing a stack of wood and a chainsaw at Home Depot and asking: “Why isn’t the saw cutting the wood?” The saw is just a tool. If you have no intention, these tools have no meaning.

Now Wayne’s new book is called The Power of Intention . The power of intention is monumental. We ascribe totemic powers to tools. Yet without the power of intention, these tools don’t matter. That’s why you can have your picture in the DMV and you’re safe. But if someone has your picture, and there’s an intention involved yours or theirs then the ground rules change dramatically.


RC: Is this something the AIM Program can help with, protect people from the power of other people’s intention for us?

SL: There are many, many subtle frequencies used in the AIM Program that help you avoid negative photographic intrusion. And I did so for reason of my own paranoia. I use people’s pictures as holograms to help them heal themselves. But when I read that some 20,000 companies in the United States bought my picture, I get kind of paranoid. They didn’t buy my photograph because I’m that attractive. They bought yours, too. In fact, they bought the photo of anyone who has a driver’s license.

Now, I’m very upfront about what I do with people’s pictures. But very simply, what are they going to do with my picture? So out of this knowledge and concern, I immediately looked for and found frequencies that would stop negative photographic intrusion. And I use intention as my tool.


RC: A few months ago I spoke with Dr. Dyer about his new book, The Power of Intention (May/June 2004). He said that if anyone wants health, it’s as simple as consciously connecting with this field of intention that permeates all existence. This field of intention or source only knows health and wellness. And disease is the result of our choice to act in some way that is not in harmony with this field of intention. Would you say there is a frequency that can help someone connect to this field of intention?

SL: There are many. Not one, many!! And that is the essence of the AIM Program.

Let me give you an example. There are roughly a half million frequencies in the AIM Program. You can’t process all that information. Nobody can. Yet we’ve identified a rosetta frequency that allows you to select only those frequencies you need, while you need them, and ignore the others. Without this rosetta frequency there could not be an AIM Program. So there are frequencies that enable you, even compel you, to focus on what is relevant to you and nothing else, so you can process the information and use it. The same set of boundaries and standards applies to the question you asked. There are frequencies that help you focus at every level and connect with source, with the field of intention.

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