Your Body As A Manifesting Machine

By Terry Cole-Whittaker

Did you know that your mind and body are manifesting your outer reality, which is a reflection of our individual and collective consciousness? You could say that the body is your tuning fork that determines what vibrations are taking form in your personal reality. Everything we see, taste, touch, smell, or hear has a name and definition in the dictionary and also has a corresponding frequency. These vibrations are either natural and healing or unnatural and hostile to the body. Each word we hear or speak has the vibration of any emotions we have attached to it, every sentence and concept. Virtual reality works through sound/words, which produces light, electricity, colors, and forms.

Edward Bernays, the pioneer of public relations, proved that the masses could be manipulated by convincing them to agree with their own demise through word and mind control. Bernays stated: “If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without them knowing it.”

Whoever or whatever controls the meanings of words and the narratives being broadcast through the various educational systems, media outlets, and religious teachings controls the people who trust others rather than their own divine wisdom. The negative repercussions of this are glaringly obvious in today’s world.

Terry Cole-Whittaker

Vibrational healing is now recognized as a valid approach to good health given that everything, including the body has a signature vibration, and when these vibrations are harmonious, the body and one’s reality are harmonious. Disease is the lack of ease because of disharmony. Royal Rife and his sound-healing machine cured dis-ease using healthy and harmonious vibrations.

The virtual reality, that we are very much a part of, is generated through sound that we produce. Our body can be seen as a musical instrument beginning with the bones as the crystal network, and our breath that produces sounds through the manipulation of vocal chords and resonated through the sinus cavity. As we infuse our words with emotion we manifest the reality around us.

What are all the rules, laws, books, stories, education, media, etc. made from? Words! Pick up the Oxford Dictionary and there you will find the blueprints for our reality and the world we live in. But there are no words in this system that have anything to do with us, given that who we are cannot be defined by words. The thinker is never the thoughts just as the artist is never the painting. Spiritual teachings give us clues, keys that we use to unlock, experience and actualize our eternal divine spirit/soul nature, powers and abilities.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already controlling humanity through the intellectual, entertainment, sports, and religious systems, not too mention the Internet. Melodies and lyrics of songs also carry beliefs and realities and if a person listens to or sings with emotions it makes an impact on the person and influences, or should be say, manifests through that person as their reality.

Repetition of words with music, such as slogans, popular songs and dramatic gut-wrenching stories evoke emotional reactions that become stronger and become our beliefs. This is how a lie told long enough becomes what people believe is true. Only you are real and eternal. All else is transitory and temporary like a movie projection.

This is a sound based vibrational electromagnetic reality. Notice how you are reacting to words and concepts, especially the ones that generate an emotional reaction of fear, guilt, failure, loss, and scarcity, or threatens your belief system. Besides the sound of words, our emotional reactions to words, spoken by us or by others, have a frequency that will and must manifest through the biological crystal prism technology of the liquid crystal brain, which is a whole subject in itself.


“Everything you see is formed by thought/word, vibration/light and is fueled by this continuous flow of energy, continuous overthinking. A light beam, neuron (neither positive or negative) connection of a word/thought-form sends an electric message that, like a seed, complete with all the information it needs to manifest vibration, color, and form into this virtual reality.” Bryan Kemila


Music is sound and the basic sound of musical instruments has to do with the frequency the instruments are tuned to. The standard now is 440 hertz that was set in the 1930’s and is disharmonious, whereas, 432 hertz is the vibration of the pituitary gland and harmonious with the body. I have my piano tuned to 432 and it feels good!

Your own voice when tuned to your most natural healing and inspiring vibration is even greater and more glorious in every way than any other musical instrument. I do not mean that you need to become a professional singer, because words are sounds and sounds are vibrations and vibrations are energy and energy gives off light/electricity.

Our own voice is our tuning fork. Attitudes are vibrations, and harmonious attitudes manifests themselves as health, prosperity and loving relationships; but downer- attitudes such as worry, fear, envy, and anger produce disharmonious vibrations and realities.

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“Watch your Thoughts, they become Words; watch your Words, they become Actions; watch your Actions, they become Habits; watch your Habits, they become your Character; watch your Character, it becomes your Destiny”


terry cole-whittaker


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