Your Guide Is Closer Than You Think

By Barbara Brennan

Where would we be without our guides? For many people, these divine beings have become essential to the navigation of the twists and turns of the spiritual path. They willingly provide advice as we search for knowledge and enlightenment, and they comfort us when we look into the deep and painful crevices of our earthly lives. Basically, they are very good to have around.

For these reasons and more, guides have become very popular in the last 30 or 40 years. As the New Age bloomed, we often gave them the responsibility of leading us in the right direction (even into the next available parking space). Spiritual meetings were and still are peppered with sharings that begin: “My guide says …” or “My guide suggests that I…” At school, I hear this regularly from students.

This is fine, as long as we have not given away our own power by becoming wholly reliant on heavenly counsel, what we see as a wise! but outside influence. Also, we need to be sure of the source and that what we’re receiving is in our highest interests. Someone I know chatted merrily with a guide for three months until he began to suspect the advice and realized he was in contact with a lost soul.

Assuming we’ve checked out the guide’s authenticity, we walk hand in hand in the contentment that comes with all good companionship, in the physical or otherwise. We talk and listen to our guides in meditation and sometimes when we’re lying in bed at night. It just seems natural to share our innermost thoughts and concerns with these very special spirit friends.

I was comfortable with the understanding that these beings were old souls who had completed their incarnations and whose purpose now was to help others who had chosen to reenter the world of the physical. Some people are more at home with the idea of guardian angels.

When my long-term relationship began with my own guide, Heyoan, I saw him from that perspective-an external being of clarity and wisdom that lived in the spirit world and upon whom I could call at any time.

par I should add that I’m talking here of a personal guide to whom you feel a powerful and intimate connection. Some folk claim a whole entourage of guides supplying specialist advice on a multitude of matters. While that’s quite possible, it’s not the same.

In those early days, Heyoan would sometimes tell me there was something important I needed to know but not yet. It was all the more frustrating when he added that my view of myself was too narrow to be able to absorb it. As with everyone, these limiting beliefs were the result of my experience of life, society, and religious doctrine.

When he did eventually tell me, I was surprised, to say the least. It was quite a revelation. He said that he and I were the same person. I understood why he hadn’t told me before. Would I–or any of us–have the same trust in the spiritual advice if we knew it was coming from ourselves, albeit a greater part of ourselves?

I will let Heyoan explain: “Consider the possibility that you are a much greater being than you know from the physical perspective, that your guide is in reality a greater part of yourself. When you connect more with your guide, you are actually integrating more of that portion of yourself held in duality back into unity and into fusion with the greater you.”

In other words, as I developed spiritually and expanded my boundaries beyond ! the limitations, I began to merge with the guide, particularly when I was channeling. That merger has become more complete throughout an increasing number of aspects of my life. In that merger I become Heyoan and I have the awareness of Heyoan. My energy field doubles in size and I instantly know the answers to questions and have much more information.

One of the ways to describe how this works is as a hologram. No matter how small we cut the photographic plate of a hologram, we still get the whole image. It may be a little fuzzier, but when we make the holographic plate larger, we get the same picture in much greater detail.

What this means, then, is that by connecting with our guide, we enlarge the picture and are thus able to obtain more detailed information–what you might call guidance.

In all this, the important thing to know is that we exist beyond the limited concepts in which we keep ourselves. The more humans evolve, the more we will be able to let go of the rigid ideas that we think hold us safe and understand how much we really can know and how much we really can be.