Statement On CoronaVirus By Dr Zach Bush

Zach Bush

Note from Lotus Guide: Dr. Zach Bush is a well-known ICU doctor with an in-depth knowledge of natural medicine and has no hesitation in speaking out about some of the underlying causes of death surrounding the COVID-19 virus. It’s a well known fact, yes, that pesky little word again, that patients who die from COVID-19 have high levels of glyphosate and live in areas where they breathe toxic air and experience high levels of EMF radiation. This is a very complex issue with political and social ramifications so I will link to a great online interview with Sasha Stone and Zach Bush where he explains the science and reasoning behind this information. He also touches on something that a few people are waking up to and that’s the planetary shift of consciousness to a 5D level and how this pandemic could and probably is a catalyst for the shift. I might add that this shift can only be decoded with a mind that is free from fear, anger and feelings of division. Watch that interview at


This community has been asking for a response to the Coronavirus. While I strongly believe that there is too much bandwidth of the collective human consciousness being spent on this topic, I will try to help us move on to apply our great capacity and ingenuity to fulfill the deep purpose that we each have at this tipping point of humankind.

Respiratory infection is one of the most common causes of death worldwide for children and adults and thus has claimed the lives of many thousands of people in the recent months. Each year, the vast variety of microbial sources for these infections varies. This year, a proportion of our global deaths from pneumonia will include the presence of COVID-19 (not likely to be the cause of death – just as with influenza, it is the secondary bacterial infections that typically are the cause of the death). The loss of these loved ones has a profound impact on their families, friends and colleagues regardless of the vector.

COVID-19 seems merciful in the sparing of children and young adults, but we should be saddened by the loss of our elders in a Western culture that has long forgotten to see, respect, and give close ear to our elders. May this respiratory virus that now shares space and time with us teach us of the grave mistakes we have made in disconnecting from our nature and warring against the foundation of the microbiome. If we choose to learn from, rather than fear, this virus, it can reveal the source of our chronic disease epidemics that are the real threat to our species.

As we move forward during this tumultuous time, let us remember to nurture ourselves and those we love. I’ve included below a series of Lifestyle Cornerstones to integrate into your everyday practices, particularly during respiratory risk seasons, as well as the regimen that I recommend for those feeling the need for more health resources during this time.

  • Get great sleep: try to average eight hours of sleep at least five days a week
  • Get as much outdoor exercise as you can
  • Stay well hydrated
  • Don’t watch the news: a morning glance will be enough to keep you informed
  • Eat real food with good company
  • Avoid or reduce alcohol to one glass daily
  • Pursue a creative outlet for at least 10 minutes a day
  • Avoid processed foods and sugar, and remember to laugh often

Best of Health to You and Yours,

Dr. Zach Bush

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